10 May 2021

4 Ways to Include Flowers in Your Bridal Hairstyle

Flowers have long been favourites in the world of bridal hair accessories. They offer so much possibility for different styles and colours, and can really emphasise a natural, Boho, or spring/summer theme.

Choose the right kind of flower, and your look can be edgy, pretty, romantic, vintage, free-spirited… or whichever look you have planned for your dream wedding!

To help you make those big decisions, I have compiled both a list of things to consider when choosing your picture-perfect petals, and then a few suggestions on looks, accessories, and styles you might eventually choose.


To Consider:

  • Colours that suit your theme: colour-coordinate your chosen blooms with the other details of your day
  • Flowers to suit the season of your wedding: make sure your chosen flowers are in-season on your wedding day
  • Pick your size carefully: don’t overpower a short hairstyle with a flower or crown that is too large
  • Complement your personal style: I am a firm believer that bridal looks should be an extension of your everyday style, and it’s no different when it comes to choosing floral accessories. Make sure your chosen flowers work with your usual colour palette, align with the softness or edginess of your style, and leave you feeling comfortable (and definitely not self-conscious) on the day.
    To find out more about colour-matching, talk to Lindsay at House of Colour.


Types of Bridal Hair Accessories with Flowers:


Flower Crown

When a flower crown is mentioned, you can be forgiven for immediately picturing a big, bold, and colourful plume of flowers arcing very symmetrically across the top of the head. In reality, there are so many more options. Crowns can be smaller and more delicate, can encircle the front hairline round to the back of the head, and can be asymmetrical to suit side-partings and asymmetrical hairstyles.

If you like the idea of the statement traditional flower crown, that’s fabulous! If not, don’t rule out all flower crowns just yet! I might be able to find the perfect one for you…

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”3″ display=”basic_imagebrowser”]

One Feature Flower

Perhaps you love the idea of incorporating something natural in your look (and what could be better than a fresh flower?) but also want to avoid any additional fussiness or complexity? If that’s the case, then why not add definition to a curl, twist, or pin with a single feature flower. Choose your favourite flower to make it really personal, a colour to suit the styling of your wedding day, or a flower with a meaning that speaks to you.

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Flower Pins, Bands, or Clusters

The next step up from the singular feature flower is introducing a cluster of small flowers. The benefit of including them on individual pins, rather than on one band, is that you can space them out exactly as you like (or as your bridal hairstylist recommends!). Mark the parting in a half-up half-down style with a row of pretty roses, or follow the trail of a side braid with a collection of small buds. Flowers that are joined together on a band can be a simpler, more uniform option.

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Floral-Inspired Accessories

For many, being able to keep your wedding hair accessories after the event is a must. As humans, we’re sentimental beings, and treasuring those objects that were part of the most special day of our lives is important. For this reason, having a hair accessory made of real flowers may not be what you’re looking for; but, floral-inspired accessories are very much a possibility! Delicate silver pins or malleable hair vines are often the perfect alternative, and you can keep them for decades to come.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”7″ display=”basic_imagebrowser”]If you’d like inspiration for your floral bridal hair accessories, head over to my Wedding Accessories shop (partnered with Brides and Hairpins), or contact local wedding supplier Victoria Fergusson.

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