11 March 2021

5 Acts of Gratitude to Add Into Your Wedding Day Plans Now

With wedding guest-lists now considerably shorter than they once were, it’s never been easier (or more feasible!) to thank each and every one of your loved ones personally for the impact they’ve had on your life.


The intimacy of your new wedding plans may well make it feel as though every guest is a member of your wedding party. With the prospect of smaller numbers, every single name on the list will mean a great deal to you. Many will have played an important part in putting the day together, and most will have been with you since before you met your significant other. So it’s never been more important to celebrate those long-lasting bonds and mark how essential they are to your life with a meaningful gesture.

Wedding favours are a popular tradition. But, they are a tradition that often gets reimagined. They are a clear part of your day that can be tailored to your own personality, as well as being one of the only parts of a wedding day that is there purely for your guests to enjoy.


So why not add to those important features and fill your wedding day with gifts to remember?


Here are my suggestions on how best to gift to your guests in a memorable way:


1. Personalised biscuits

Nothing says ‘thank you’ with sincerity like a personal touch. Combine the sweet treat of the wedding favour with a unique, thoughtful gesture in the form of individual biscuits stamped or iced with the name of each guest. There is no wedding style that these biscuits would not suit; present them in the right box or ribbon to blend these into your chosen colour scheme and aesthetic. They can also double-up as place-holders!


2. Hand-written notes

This is the dream, really. Writing out personalised notes to each of your guests would be nigh-on impossible in a wedding of 100+ guests. It’s tricky enough to coordinate the invites! But, with a guest-list more around the 15 mark, suddenly it becomes very doable. Perhaps you have a memory to share with each guest, a story about the first time you met, or a big thank you for their help sourcing the perfect caterers. Short, sweet notes or postcards are the perfect way to make your feelings known and ensure that everyone leaves feeling special, with a keepsake to remind them of their day.


3. Group candle-lighting

This trend has properly emerged in the last couple of years or so, as a way of getting your guests involved in setting the scene for the wedding breakfast. Perhaps you’ve already considered a candlelit dinner? If so, a candle for each (adult!) guest, which is lit before the food is served can be a fantastic way of achieving both an unbeatable ambience and an equally bright sense of companionship. For more emerging wedding trends in 2021, check out Hitched UK’s post here.


4. Gifts to take home

Make sure those that have helped you along the way know how much their specific input means to you. Perhaps you asked your maid of honour to give out the corsages? Why not present them to her in a personalised basket that she can keep and use at home? Are you arriving in a classic car owned by a family friend? Why not gift him a keepsake personalised number plate to display in his garage? Add the names of your flower girls to ribbons on their bouquets. Let the arty friend who drew up your Welcome blackboard take it home for her kitchen. There are a hundred different ways to thank those who helped bring the finer details of your wedding day together and give them a gift that reflects their all-important role.


5. Split your wedding flowers

Though it seems contradictory, wedding flowers have the potential to be one of the less eco-friendly aspects of a wedding day, particularly when the bouquets and displays are discarded after the celebration is done. None of the florists I work with would recommend this. Their hard work and your beautiful flowers should be looked after for as long as possible after your big day. So, rather than filling your house with flowers for the week following your wedding to save them from the bin, why not divide up each of the centrepieces at your wedding breakfast and let the guests take the flowers home with them? The dividing-up can be done before the wedding, or arranged at the end; but, either way, it’s a must-do for the eco-conscious bride!

For more eco tips, check out this other post!


Got any suggestions to add to the list? I’d love to hear them! Leave your ideas in the comments or send me a message on social media!

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Photography by Guy Collier.

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