3 December 2020

5 Best Bridal Hairstyles for Your Micro Wedding

My Top 5 Bridal Hairstyles for Every Kind of Micro Wedding


Last week, I wrote about how possible it is to pull off a micro-wedding without feeling as though you’ve compromised on your vision for your big day. One thing I didn’t cover was bridal hair. What styles are best suited to these more intimate weddings? How can you adapt your bridal style to fit your new plans? And how can your style help keep your micro-wedding distinct from the bigger celebration you might have planned for 2021?

Not every micro-wedding couple will be planning a bigger celebration next year, which, in itself, will make the day even more exclusive and special. But, just in case you are, I’ve included a few tips on how these styles might fit into the bigger bridal picture too.


1. Relaxed waves with a key accessory

If you’ve already picked out a few glamourous bobby pins, slides, or even a twinkly halo (take a look at my suggestions from Brides and Hairpins!), then dressing them down for your smaller wedding celebration might be your best shout. Pair them with a head of long, glossy waves for a really natural, but romantic look.

Photography by Matt Lee Photography
Brides and Hairpins Bessie Bobby Pin
Brides and Hairpins


2. Boho plaits to match the casual feel

For many, a micro-wedding will be an opportunity to move away from tradition, or at least save it for a bigger wedding celebration next year. Perhaps you’re now considering a more laid-back, boho feel. You’ve opted for a shorter, more casual dress, softer make-up, and maybe even different shoes, so why not also go for a boho plait with floral accessories to finish off the style?

Brides and Hairpins Heo Pin Set
Brides and Hairpins
Brides and Hairpins Serena Comb
Brides and Hairpins


3. Sophisticated low ponytail

If you do want to keep things traditional, but also want a bridal look that will stand out from the crowd, you have a few different options. For many years, bridal ponytails were rarely seen, but now, their popularity is on the rise; particularly low, pretty styles, whether they’re kept sleek and smooth or ‘messy’ and carefree. With a low ponytail, you might find you don’t need any glitzy accessories at all, as it’s a feature in its own right; so, if you’re planning another party next year, you can save the halo, pins, or crown for then.


4. Loose ‘messy’ bun or chignon

One of the hairstyles I get asked to create the most often is the chignon. A low, full, dreamy bun that oozes film star glamour and elegance. And there’s no reason this classic style can’t work for a wedding of any size. Dress it up with sparkling accessories, or down by keeping it simple, and you’ll find the chignon can channel exactly the tone you need it to.

Bride applying lipstick
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5. Half-up, half-down

The ultimate in modern bridal hairstyles is the half-up, half-down. Suiting big lavish events and small intimate ceremonies alike, this hairstyle is the definition of the best of both worlds. I usually recommend it to brides-to-be who can’t decide whether to have long natural waves or a more intricate bun or braid. It will bring together all the allure of the more traditional bridal styles, and the fun, free, and flowing locks of something more contemporary, much like your micro-wedding…

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