14 August 2021

5 Books With a Wedding Theme

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a list of 5 romance novels to inspire your wedding planning. Well, this week, I’ve gone one step further and rounded up 5 novels with a dreamy wedding theme! While some will whisk you away on a fairytale of elaborate proposals and Hollywood happy endings, others tell the emotional stories filled with the everyday trials and tribulations of relationships and being with the one you love.

Feel inspired by the wedding of your new favourite heroine, steal tips and tricks, and just generally keep the wedding buzz going long into the night (because these picks are impossible to put down!).

Take a look at my suggestions and then head over to your local bookshop or click the links I’ve provided to buy online!

The Ship of Brides – Jojo Moyes

Everyone has at least heard of Jojo Moyes, even if they have yet to pick up one of her captivating romantic tales. This novel proves that, much like wedding planning itself, the journey is just as important as the destination. Frances McKenzie is on board an aircraft carrier as it takes a group of 650 women back to their husbands after the war in 1946. The journey is far from glamorous; but, as tensions rise, Frances starts to question whether she wants it to end.

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Eligible – Curtis Sittenfeld

This heady reworking of one of the world’s most iconic romances, Pride and Prejudice, brings together those fairytale swoon-worthy moments and the nitty-gritty of real life. Set in modern America, rather than historic England, Eligible introduces you to the complicated lives of the Bennet sisters, their personalities brilliantly translated into present-day life. With family conflicts and tragedies to deal with, the grumpy and enigmatic neurosurgeon Fitzwilliam Darcy strides into Liz Bennet’s life and throws things even further into disarray…

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The Engagements – J. Courtney Sullivan

Every relationship is different. The special moments are unique for every couple, and only some follow the smooth fairytale trajectory. Sullivan’s The Engagements looks at these differences with a keen eye for romance and truth, and always looks towards a hopeful future. The book follows the real-life Frances Gerety, who coined the phrase ‘Diamonds are forever,’ and four marriages that surround her, each totally unique, and each testing the truth of that statement. For every relationship that cannot overcome its tests, there’s one that soars higher than they could ever have expected.
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Wedding Night – Sophie Kinsella

For some, getting married is the ultimate goal. In Lottie’s case, this is exactly true. Convinced her long-term boyfriend is going to propose, she is devastated to learn that his big question, instead, involves a long trip abroad. So, in an attempt to finally consolidate her dream, she agrees to marry an old flame without any of the romantic preamble that usually comes before. Though her sister tries to talk her out of it, Lottie can feel herself getting swept away by the prospect of finally getting what she’s always wanted, no matter how false it may be…

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Girls in White Dresses – Jennifer Close

A novel with a fantastic sense of humour, Girls in White Dresses takes you through the struggles of finding the right One in modern life. The story follows three friends, Isabella, Mary, and Lauren, who are surrounded by people getting married and having babies; they flit from wedding to baby shower and back to wedding again most weekends, but can’t seem to find that for themselves. In the midst of failed relationships, inappropriate workplace crushes, and blind dates, there are some moments of life-affirming happiness that make every reader feel confident in their independence as well as grateful for their own companionship. This book comes highly recommended for those who love a funny romance!
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Just finished a romantic read? Let me know what it is in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!

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