A picture of a beaitiful bride with long brown hair wearing a stunning tiara


27 April 2022

5 Things we Take into Consideration when Creating Beautiful Bridal Hair

When it comes to the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day it’s not a simple case of up or down! There are a number of things to consider and one of the most enjoyable parts of what we do is finding out all the details of your wedding, from the really obvious, like your unique style, to the smaller details such as what kind of earrings are you wearing.

When you come for your wedding hair trial we will ask you a number of questions and some may seem quite bizarre but we’re not just being nosy, every little bit of information we learn about your day helps us to create a style that is so uniquely you!

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are a few things we may ask you:

What kind of accessories appeal to you? We understand that you may not have chosen the exact pieces of jewellery at the time you come to see us but by getting an idea of the styles you are drawn to we can think about what will compliment them the most. For example, are you planning to wear a necklace? If so, we will think about hairstyles that will draw attention to your neck.

What kind of shoes are you wearing? You may wonder what shoes have to do with hair, after all they are at opposite ends of the body! We ask this question because we are always thinking of height. Some people love big hair and these styles are often lots of fun to create but if you are wearing high shoes you may want to consider that those extra few inches on top could make you taller than your partner! Of course this isn’t always a problem, it completely depends on the couple. 

The shape and style of your gown – This may seem obvious as the gown is often considered the centrepiece of the day so we will want to know all the details of the design. Be prepared for questions like, what shape is the neckline? What does the back look like? What subtle intricacies does it have? What is your favourite thing about the dress? All of these things give us an idea of what will really help this beautiful creation to shine even more. If you have a photo you can show us, that will be a massive help.

What kind of venue have you chosen? The wedding location tells us a lot about what is important to a couple and we can design a hair style that accentuates this. Have you opted for a fun modern location or somewhere traditional and elegant? We’ll make sure your hair fits right in!

What time of year are you getting married? You may have your heart set on wearing your long hair loose but worried that your August wedding may cause you to feel too hot. Please tell us all of your concerns because we have a number of tips and tricks up our sleeve for ways we can adapt almost any style to the expected conditions so you get exactly what you want!

These are just a few questions we will have for you and one of the things that many of our brides feedback to us is that they love the amount of secrets we share with them during their trials to help them decide on a style that is perfect for them and to keep it looking amazing for the whole of their wedding day.

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