5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Bridal Hair Trials Ahead of Your Wedding


28 March 2024

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Bridal Hair Trials

Planning your wedding is such an exciting journey filled with countless decisions, and among the most important is ensuring you are feeling your absolute best on your special day. 

As a seasoned wedding hairdresser with over 30 years of experience, I’ve seen it all and I completely understand how important bridal hair trials are in achieving the perfect look. These trials offer you the opportunity to experiment, refine, and ultimately settle on the hairstyle that complements the vision you have for your bridal look whilst enjoying yourself!

To help you prepare in order to make the most of your bridal hair trials, here are some questions we might ask you:

Have you found any inspiration? Before you head to your bridal hair trial, it’s a great idea to gather inspiration to help visually communicate your desired look effectively. Browse through bridal magazines, Pinterest boards, or even celebrity hairstyles to pinpoint elements you adore and bring them along with you. 

What is your dress like? Your gorgeous wedding gown serves as the centerpiece of your bridal look, and your hairstyle should absolutely accentuate its beauty effortlessly. By trying out different hairstyles at your hair trials, you can visualise how different styles interact with your dress neckline, intricate back details and your overall aesthetic. 

Do you have an idea of what type of style suits your features? You want to find a style that has the ability to complement your beautiful facial features and elevate your entire bridal appearance. Experimenting with different styles allows you to observe how they frame your face, emphasise your most flattering features, and contribute to your desired overall look. If you don’t try out a couple… you might not know! 

Are you open to suggestions? While it’s essential to have a vision for your wedding day hairstyle, you’ve probably been dreaming about it! It’s equally important to remain open to your hairdresser’s professional expertise. Trust their guidance and be receptive to suggestions they may offer based on your hair type, face shape, and overall bridal aesthetic. 

What accessories are you thinking you’d like? To accurately picture your bridal look, of course bring along any accessories you plan to incorporate into your hairstyle. Then your stylist can have a play with them in different styles! Whether it’s a veil, hairpiece, fresh flowers, or jewelled pins, these elements play a significant role in the overall aesthetic and should definitely be factored into your trial. 

Bridal hair trials offer you the opportunity to transform your vision into reality, and your stylist gets to go on that journey with you! By approaching your trials with these questions in mind, you’ll maximise the benefits of this experience and ensure that your wedding day hairstyle reflects your unique personality and style, because after all, that’s exactly what this is all about!

With extensive experience helping brides find their perfect style, I would love to help you find yours! Book in an initial call with me to get started!

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