23 July 2021

6 Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Do long locks ever go out of fashion? The long and short of it is that no, they never, ever do.

Long bridal hairstyles can carry the glamourous, care-free, boho, or soft glam look you’re craving, as well as many many more. The possibilities are quite literally endless with so much hair to play with, so why not try out a few different bridal hairstyles at your hair trial?

Take a look at my recommended styles for long hair for inspiration!

Even if you think you can see the perfect style below, remember that I will always tailor it to suit you personally. Everyone’s hair is slightly different, whether it’s in the cut, the texture, or because of your face shape. The styles mentioned below are simply guidelines on which we can build the bridal hairstyle of your dreams.

Keep it natural

We’ve all heard the saying ‘less is more,’ and, for many brides, this really is the case for their wedding day hairstyle. Whether you’ve got curly, wavy, or sleek straight hair, keeping it simple might be the perfect answer for you. Of course, you can add a touch of glamour with beautiful halos, crowns, tiaras, and pins!

Bridal photoshoot with Cooper PhotographyCooper Photography


Long hair doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep your hair down. Perhaps sophisticated up-dos speak to you instead? If that’s the case, remember that there are thousands of possibilities for beautiful up-dos. You could consider a classic chignon, a messy bun of intricate twists and turns, a swirled up boho braid, or a voluminous bun.

LAHU Wedding Photography

Half up half down

A true classic in the bridal hair world. Everyone loves a half-up half-down, whether your hair is short or long. The accessory combinations with this style are countless; choose from delicate halos, bold crowns, and even subtle pins twisted into the gathering of hair at the back. Almost every accessory looks beautiful with this style, and it suits every face shape and hair texture. Keep a few locks free at the front to frame your face, or go for something sleek and tidy, depending on the vibe of your wedding day; in every case, this style is a winner.

Bride styled by Bridal Hair in HampshireAnna Fowler Photography

Top knot

Right now, the top knot is very much in fashion, thanks to the growing trend of chic, relaxed styles in everyday life. The top knot can have a very ‘thrown-together’ finish, which is totally deliberate. It therefore works well for weddings with a relaxed, country-chic vibe. Whether you’ve got fair or dark hair, the top knot has a dreamy Audrey Hepburn feel, so can balance out a modern dress with a soft, vintage accent.

Boho braid

Boho weddings are always gorgeous free-spirited events, and boho hairstyles combine a real focus on natural beauty and the beauty of nature, with elegance and a touch of glamour. The boho braid is the ultimate boho bridal hairstyle. Keep it thick and long and drape it over one shoulder, or twist it up into a pretty bun. The folds in the braid make it easy to include your favourite accessories, whether they are individual pins or clusters of your favourite flowers, and the texture of the style goes well with lace and patterning of boho dresses.

Mark Tattersall Photography

Soft glam waves

When we think of soft glam, we think of those red carpet looks, but without all the fuss. Soft glam can bring together the natural texture of your hair with a beautiful wave or influx of volume, without looking overdone or starched. The look is sophisticated, glamourous, and feminine, whilst also maintaining the natural softness of your hair in a freer, more flexible style. Soft glam waves will look elegant as you walk down the aisle, and fun as you dance the night away later!

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Did you have a different hairstyle on your wedding day? Let me know in the comments and I can add it to my list!

For help choosing the perfect bridal hair accessories to go with your style, take a look at this guide. Or, get in touch!