26 September 2022

Autumn Hair Inspiration

Fashion and styles are constantly changing and evolving, and the same trend applies to hairstyles too, especially at the changing of the seasons!

Over the last couple of decades, we have seen more and more styles 70’s, 80’s and 90’s coming back into fashion. Some good, some not so good and some that your parents will comment and say they wore it better in their day!

Current trends change more than the seasons, but when it comes to hair, you will find that some styles and colours work better depending on the time of year. The quote “It’s the humidity” immediately springs to mind…if you know, you know!

Autumn is such a stunning time of the year and really offers great inspiration for hairstyles and colour. Rich auburns, burnt oranges, tempting caramel and delicious toffee tones appear as summer comes to an end. These colours and tones will add a warm and luscious look to your hair, giving you a fresh and softer feel for the cooler months ahead.

 So, what’s in store for this coming autumn? What will be catching your eye? Here are some glorious suggestions to get your imagination flowing!

Warm and Rich Tones:

Autumnal auburn colours are a huge contender this season and it’s so welcoming to see red hair getting the attention it deserves. These warm, luxurious, and dreamy tones are an inviting move towards the colder temperatures we will start to experience in the next couple of months.

As well as auburn tones, you will see more caramel and toffee colours being used to highlight and create depth to your hair, which will shine on those glorious crisp sunny mornings. It’s no surprise that these colours are really popular when it comes to the wedding photos at this time of year due to the richness of the natural light.

70’s Styles:

The 70’s are hot on the agenda this coming season and we will see some timeless styles that you will easily be able to recreate.

Undone or Messy Buns – Sometimes, you want to look “on point” but not like you’ve spent all day on your hair and the simplicity and effortless results of the messy or undone bun are perfect for this look. Not only do they look stunning, but they are also great for drawing attention to the back of a beautifully detailed wedding gown.

Embrace the Curls – While straightened hair will never go out of fashion completely it is lovely that we are seeing more and more styles embracing the curls and encouraging these tantalising textures.

The beauty about these styles is that you can keep the curls neat and styled or work with a more textured look and the “I just let it do its own thing” style. Both look divine and are always popular for hen dos and wedding days alike. The best thing is, a curl works for most lengths so are a great option for your bridesmaids if you are looking for synchronicity.

Voluminous Blow Dry’s – The 70’s saw an abundance of big hair with amazing textures and bounce! And we are definitely embracing the bounce and the “just stepped out the salon look” again. This look is super glamorous and are a real confidence booster.

So, embrace your inner Farrah Faucet, Charlie’s Angels or Wonder Woman persona and take on the world!

The Fringe Effect:

If you’re thinking of changing it up a little, then this is a wonderful time of year to consider a fringe. Historically the fringe has been known to look quite serious and sharp, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many ways to wear a fringe, from chunky and straight (think Claudia Winkleman) to wispy and textured for a more flowing style, which can look great whatever the length of your hair is.

The Chunky Fringe & Bottleneck Fringe – These fun and free styles give a healthy full fringe with a relaxed look. Allowing the fringe to part in the middle with a longer sweeping style to finish a look perfectly…plus it allows for a natural flick to happen making the style unique to you and your hair.

So, whether you are thinking of a warm autumnal colour change, a big bouncy cut with layers to embrace the 70’s or an effective messy bun, there are plenty of options to stride into autumn in style and plan beautiful Autumn wedding hair for you and your bridesmaids.

Finally, don’t forget to share your ideas for seasonal wedding hair when you come to your wedding hair trial. Together we can create the perfect look to suit the time of year and all of the unique details that will make your wedding completely special for you, your fiance and all of your loved ones.