29 August 2020

Bridal Hairstyles: Boho Braids

Boho Braids


Best for:

Natural, earthy weddings



Carefree look

Perfect for incorporating floral accessories

Suits outdoors celebrations

Modern rather than traditional style



You might choose a boho braid for your wedding day for a number of reasons. This distinctive look is perfect for wedding plans that break with traditional venues and styles, and opt for a natural, free, and even ethereal ideal.



What makes the boho braid so special?


For many, very precise traditional hairstyles may not appeal, while the tresses, twists, and loose prettiness of a boho braid might feel more comfortable. You might be looking for a style that reflects your laid-back free-spirited personality, and fits with your folksy vision for your big day.


The braid can be trailed over your shoulder, kept down your back, or twisted up into a beautiful bun. Giving you versatility if you’d like to strike a balance and are still considering an up-do!


As the braid is kept loose, they always have a very natural feel, which suits many summertime countryside weddings. However, summer or not, in England the weather is always a consideration! With a boho braid, not only is your hair kept together and tidy, the tousled look will also disguise any interference from the wind!


Sparkly hair accessories might not be for you, but you might like the idea of a few colourful buds and blooms tucked into your waves. If that’s the case, the boho braid might be exactly what you’re after.


If you would like to chat to me about creating a hairstyle like this for your wedding day, book a call with me now!


Keep an eye on the blog as I recap more of my favourite wedding hairstyles over the next few weeks!


Take a look at the boho images below, and see if inspiration strikes!

Nataly J Photography

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