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19 August 2020

Bridal Hairstyles: Classic Chignon

The Classic Chignon

Best for:
Vintage Style

Flattering for all face-shapes
Can add volume to thinner hair
Elegant and graceful
Keeps hair tidy throughout the big day
The quintessential wedding up-do


The chignon bun has long been popular with brides.

It encompasses elegance and sophistication and can assist in creating a beautiful shine in your hair.

The name comes from the French term ‘chignon du Cou’ meaning ‘bun at the nape of the neck,’ which is where it is usually worn. But, in English, the chignon differs from a more standard bun for the following reasons:

  • Hair is pinned together in a knot, rather than wound around itself
  • It is worn low, rather than in any position on the head
  • There is always only one, whereas with buns you can have multiple


What makes the chignon so special?


Many brides automatically imagine a chignon when picturing their dream bridal hairstyle, because of its ties to royal and celebrity weddings, red carpet events, and old romantic films. It oozes the formality and glamour of eras gone by.

As the hair is usually pinned, rather than twisted, the chignon is perfect if you want to incorporate a particular delicate hair accessory. The chignon can be simple and modest, keeping the focus on the sparkle of your comb, halo, or tiara, or it can be complex and voluminous, becoming a feature in its own right. The choice makes it incredibly versatile.

More often than not, my brides have already chosen a delicate lace wedding gown by the time I meet them. The chignon is the perfect accompaniment to a vintage style dress, so it often becomes a good starting point from which to add more personalisation.


Take a look below at a few examples: (and browse more of my portfolio here)

Suzy Wimbourne Photography
Robin Goodlad Photography
Here you can find stunning photography of Bridal Hair in Hampshire with Megan Thomas. Click to view our bridal hair designs in our photo gallery.
Nataly J Photography



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