12 September 2020

Bridal Hairstyles: Smooth Waves and Loose Curls

Smooth Waves and Loose Curls

Best for:

Natural hair-down glamour


Can be paired with a half-up-do
Very natural feel
Accommodating for most veils
Elegant and flattering
Light and airy for the summer


If there’s one thing I know my brides’ love, it’s glamour that enhances their natural beauty. And there’s no wedding hairstyle that does this quite so effectively as smooth waves.

There is something so captivating about the simplicity of a wavy hair-down bridal style. It oozes confidence. Particularly if you either have long, thick hair, or your hair is too short for a conventional up-do – statement waves can be the perfect touch to give your bridal hairstyle that wow-factor!

What makes smooth waves so special?

The main draw of this hairstyle is how natural and effortless is can look. If done well and kept loose and sleek, waves are elegant, shiny, and work beautifully with both strapless and sleeved dresses. They also work well for country-themed or boho weddings, if the curls are broken up a little and paired with very minimalist barely-there make-up. You can dress it up with more natural touches by adding flowers, either with a dainty pin gathering together a few strands at the back, or with a garland. Talk to your chosen florist about what they can put together for your hair.


If your hair is long enough, it will be as delicate and flowing as a veil would be, meaning that sometimes no hair accessories are required at all. But, if you do choose to have a veil, crown, or even just a subtle clip, waves give you plenty to work with to create really impressive volume, which will set your wedding waves apart from your day-to-day casual look.

Take a look below at a few examples: (and browse my portfolio for more examples)
Bride having her hair and make-up done on wedding morning
Photography by Guy Collier Photography
Bride getting ready for ceremony
Photography by Anna Fowler Wedding Photography
Photography by Lahu Wedding Photography
Photography by Matt Lee Photography

Header image by Lawes Photography

If you would like to chat to me about creating a hairstyle like this for your wedding day, book a call with me!

Keep an eye on the blog as I recap more of my favourite wedding hairstyles over the next few weeks!