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15 July 2020

Brides and Hairpins

If you’ve spent some time on my website, you might have come across the ‘Shop’ tab. And if you’ve looked any further, you’ve probably seen the beautiful hair pins, tiaras, and halos by Brides and Hairpins.

Many brides come to my studio for their hair trial with a fully-formed idea of what they want their bridal hair look to be. Perhaps they have even bought their chosen pieces with them! But often, my brides need a little bit of direction, and it helps to be able to see examples of beautiful pieces in front of them. I love being able to confidently recommend quality pins, bands, and crowns that I know will help each and every bride look and feel fabulous, and Brides and Hairpins allows me to do just that!


About Brides and Hairpins

Brides and Hairpins was set up by Nicoletta, a talented artist and designer who hails from South Africa. Her work has taken her across the UK and the US, through the wedding hair and make-up industry; and now, she manages Brides and Hairpins from her studio in Orange County, bringing brides across the globe unique, individual pieces that add that extra sparkle to their wedding days.

Each piece is handmade, and combines the latest in bridal fashion with Nicoletta’s deep understanding of timeless style. She prides herself on being involved in an on-going conversation with her clients, so she can make sure she is always offering them what they want to make their day even more special.


From glittering halos, to subtle, delicate pins and sliders, Brides and Hairpins has a piece that answers to every style choice.


Halo – A statement piece that wraps around the crown of the head

Headband – A delicate band that wraps under the hair at the back to give you a finer finish than a halo

Crown – Much like a halo, but sits a little further forward in your hair and often has larger details

Comb – A versatile piece that can be worn across the top of the head, at the back, or down a long plait

Pins and Clips – Smaller details that can be pinned or clipped into the hair to accentuate your chosen bridal hairstyle; can be subtler than larger pieces and offers complete flexibility of style




















I have featured my favourite pieces from the Brides and Hairpins catalogue on the website, so please head over to have a look! And don’t forget to make use of my exclusive discount!

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