4 September 2020

Bringing Nature Inside on Your Wedding Day

Nature-themed weddings are on the rise. Country weddings have always had a romantic appeal for brides-to-be, with the abundance of flowers, lush, hilly setting, and the idea of loved ones clinking glasses in idyllic leafy courtyards.


But for autumnal, winter, or even spring weddings, hosting the whole event outside might be too much of a risk (especially if you’re staying on British soil!).


So, I have compiled for you my top tips for keeping the natural theme flowing indoors, so you can enjoy the warm colours, bright lights, and breezy conversation into your wedding breakfast and first dance too.



Creative table settings

The easiest, and sometimes most effective, way of bringing the outdoors inside on your nature-themed wedding day is in how you choose to decorate your guests’ tables at the wedding breakfast. Why not use pine-cones to hold the guest’s name tag on each setting? In the centre of the table, use chopped rustic logs to hold small tea-lights or flower displays. And why not swap in the cut flowers of a traditional wedding centrepiece for a specially-planted flower pot? Perhaps allowing guests to take them home with them at the end. This way your wedding flowers will last long after your big day. 

Image by Clem Onojeghuo


Rustic furniture

Trade in the cotton or silk chair dressings for authentic hessian drapes. Use mismatched antique chairs too, or perhaps even look to source chairs and tables with a picnic-bench vibe. Exposed wood (without a gloss varnish) will always add a touch of Mother Nature to your nuptials, however you choose to dress it up. Perhaps even consider a woven wooden archway over more traditional set-ups. Effects like these can really add a quaint, natural feel to your venue, without it looking contrived or over-deliberate.

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Kevin Yudhistira


Scavenger hunt for the little ones

Hide different flowers, pine-cones, small off-cuttings, cacti, and model animals around your wedding venue for the children at the wedding to find. Not only will this keep them busy while the adults enjoy themselves, it really reinforces the nature-theme. Plus you’ll have fun setting it up!

Image by Tabitha Turner


Eco-friendly wedding favours

Wedding favours are not always an obvious means of injecting a bit of extra individuality into your wedding. Insect-friendly packets of seeds and jars of local jams allow your guests to take something a bit more meaningful away with them, and are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Image by Jordan Arnold


Flower chandeliers

If your venue can accommodate it, look into hanging flower chandeliers from the ceiling. Not only is this a more unique idea than the usual chandeliers of lights, it can be made really personal too by using the same flowers as in the bridal bouquets.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Got any ideas to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!


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