15 December 2020

Can I Style My Own Bridal Hair?

With the new restrictions in place, limiting you to just a few people with you as you get ready on your wedding morning, it might have crossed your mind to style your own wedding hair.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad idea! Which may seem like a surprising thing for a bridal hairstylist to say. While I love being the one to help a bride get ready for the most magical day of her life, I understand that things might be tricky at the moment. So, I’m offering my advice to help you make sure you’re able to make your dream bridal hairstyle a reality without adding to the stress.

Nobody knows yet how long these regulations will be in place; but, regardless of the lockdown developments, the question of DIY bridal hairstyling has always been a common one!

There are a few things to consider:


1. Speak to an expert

Just because you’re intending to style your own wedding hair, doesn’t mean you should be afraid to chat to a person or business that offer the service you’re going to avoid. This is your special day, and you need to make sure it’s perfect. Many will be happy to give you pointers (I know I am!) and may be able to recommend simpler styles that are more manageable at home.


2. Perhaps book a hair trial

This links into Number 1. A few months before your big day, consider booking in with a bridal hair specialist for a hair trial. This is often a one-off cost, and is your chance to pick the stylist’s brains and find out what suits you and what doesn’t. It’ll give you a great starting point to work from, so you know what to aim for.


3. What’s your motivation?

This might not be something you openly discuss with your bridal hair expert, but it’s something you should consider. Is it to do with your budget? Or is it due to a tighter Covid-related guest list? If it’s the former, think about how valuable not worrying about your hair is to you. How essential is it that your curls stay intact throughout the whole day? Because if it’s vitally important, I would suggest organising a professional. If your primary concern is minimising the number of suppliers who attend, then dropping the stylist may be worth it.


If you’re still stuck for ideas and want a confidence boost (along with a whole host of ideas and inspiration), why not book in for one of my 1-2-1 DIY Bridal Hair Workshops? We’ll spend a couple of hours going through a few potential styles that I know will work for you, and then I’ll teach you how to recreate your favourite ones at home. This way, on your wedding day, you’ll feel prepared, excited, and confident!

Click here to find out more about my 1-2-1 workshops, or click here to book in a call to discuss it directly with me!



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