30 May 2023

Choosing Your Bridal Hairstyle

When you’re deciding on your wedding look, you’re probably going to begin by finding the perfect dress and theme for your dream wedding day. When you’re ready to move on to the finer details, your bridal hairstyle will no doubt be near the top of your list of considerations.

Here are some timeless hairstyles to inspire you, all of which can be customised to perfectly compliment your dress, theme and colour scheme.


Straight or curly, messy, or sleek; you can’t go wrong with a wedding updo.

For a classic look, a chignon or sleek bun are the ultimate go-to. If you have curly or kinky hair, a straightening iron will be your first step. Of course, a good stylist will use a straightener suitable for your hair with the right amount of heat and appropriate products for your hair type to protect it from damage. Once straightened, it’s time to start twisting your newly sleek locks into a tight bun. The classic position for this look is just above the nape of the neck, but depending on desired effect, it can be positioned anywhere from the top to the back of the head. There are so many options for elegant up-dos while bringing in some personality to create the ideal style for your special day.

For the more bohemian wedding, an artfully messy option with curled or wavy hair works wonderfully. It’s also a great solution for fine hair, as it’s easy to tease out single strands to style into the intentionally dishevelled look. If you have straight hair, a curling iron will transform your locks and your wedding hairstylist can create a boho bridal do for you.

Half Up-Dos

If you want a touch of mermaid for your bridal hairstyle, do consider this style. A portion of the hair framing your face is sectioned off, then combed back and fixed in place. It can include twisting or braiding, and usually features no parting line—though more playful versions might include some loose strands or a criss-cross parting. For afro-textured hair, a popular choice are cornrows or a top-knot, with either ending in a beautiful burst of curls at the back.

For a more classic and restrained half up-do, why not go for a fishbone braid? Depending on your preferences, the tightness can be adjusted from no more than a hint, to a tightly woven braid.

Photo by Holly Bobbins:


Similar to the style above, this version features most of the perks of semi-restrained hair. It usually involves sweeping the entirety of your hair over one shoulder. It’s also a great option for shorter hair—restraining one side of your hair can really make the remaining loose locks pop.

Classic loose styles

If you want to go full mermaid, accessories are your best friend. Headbands are a classic choice, but if you want to keep it accessory-free then a braided crown can be the perfect middle ground between completely loose hair and a half up-do.


Your wedding day is the perfect time to accessorise. If you are unsure where to start, a good bridal hairstylist will be able to help advise on the best bespoke accessories for your chosen bridal hairstyle, making sure that it accentuates your chosen hairdo in the most pleasing manner! Between hair jewellery, combs, and natural flowers, you can superbly accentuate any hairdo, ensuring that your accessory is impeccably inline with your wedding style. If you would like to try a bigger piece, such as a tiara or headpiece, your stylist will help you to select the right one to compliment your jewellery and other accessories. Equally, should you decide that you don’t want to wear earrings or a necklace, a headpiece, extravagant comb, or sparkly headband could be the perfect alternative.

Whether big or small, classic choices include pearls, delicately studded silver or gold flowers, and, of course, a veil. If you decide on wearing a veil, including it in your hairstyle can be a great way to keep it in place through not only the ceremony and reception, but also the after-dinner party.

Other timeless accessories include chand chotis, gota pattis, jadas, or sispattis. These are also great for general inspiration when looking for a western take on hair chains and similar hair jewellery. Another popular accessory option is fresh flowers; Baby breath, roses, jasmine, and orchids are amongst the most popular choices. Whether using only one or two as an accent piece or studding your glorious bun with it—flowers will never go out of fashion.

Which of the bridal hairstyles discussed here do you feel would be perfect for your wedding hairdo?

Be sure to plan a couple of trail runs for your chosen hairstyle. Not only will it benefit your stylist, but it will also give you a chance to adjust and familiarise yourself with it.

On a final, important note; don’t let lack of length or volume keep you from your dream bridal hairstyle. There are several options to boost both, many of which aren’t damaging to your hair. With the help of your stylist, increasing the length and/or volume of your hair is very achievable. Nothing and no one can stand in the way of your perfect hair, feel inspired and let yourself dream big!

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