A bride with her back to the photographer to show off her beautiful long wavy hair. This bride has dark blond hair and it is in a half up, half down style with a flower accessory. She is wearing a silky pink dressing gown which has a floral design on it.


24 May 2022

Curls, Waves and Braids – Spring Inspired Wedding Hair Ideas

Spring is here and we love this time of year! This gorgeous season brings the lightness of sunnier days and longer evenings and there is just so much inspiration for anyone planning a wedding for this time.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your special day can feel like a big task, yet this time of year provides a collection of styles to reflect these warm and joyful days so we thought we’d share some ideas that may help you to narrow down the choices.

Whether you’re planning a relaxed and causal get together or a highly formal event, there are romantic, spring inspired bridal hair dos for every wedding.

Some of my favourite styles to reflect this season are Curls, braids, and un-done styles, all of which are perfect for this time of year and a great fit for warmer sunny days.

These hairstyles have a care free and casual vibe while still looking incredibly beautiful. They all have a touch of romance about them. There’s something a little magical about the more casual looks that strike the balance between the relaxed feel of your everyday hair while still capturing that elegant, carefully styled beauty of a special occasion.


Whether you have natural waves or not, this is a look that will create a soft, yet elegant look, while feeling easy to move… and if you’re worried about wearing your hair down on a hot day, please don’t worry as we have lots of little tricks to help you keep cool on the day.


Curls are the epitome of romance. Beautifully styled curls are eye catching and make for a very special look for your day and can be achieved even if your hair is naturally pretty straight. The benefit to curls? There’s loads of freedom to combine styles and you may want to consider a full down look, half up-half down, or even an updo with a few beautiful curls to frame your face. Don’t forget you can also go for full curls or brushed out curls, so whether you want a more formal look or something more relaxed, curls can work for all occasions.

I love creating styles using braids and I think they are a fantastic option if you are looking for sophistication with a touch of whimsy. Braids open so many opportunities for styling, they capture the free spirited feel of the season and can generally suit every theme. From fairy-tale weddings with mermaid or Rapunzel style braids, to an elegant formal occasion with braided buns or updos… there’s really no limit. Here are a few ideas:

 Mermaid or Rapunzel braids

From simple to complex, the mermaid or Rapunzel braid tends to be one long beautiful braid. With multiple variations to choose from, these braids can be intricate and neat or loose and natural. It’s a beautiful, romantic, and whimsical braid that can be tailored to suit the style of the event. One of the best things about this style is the opportunity to bring in other elements, whether threading in a hair vine or pinning in flowers a long braid can become so personalised.

Braided updos

Updos are traditionally thought of as a neat bun, a ponytail etc. but braids give so much more to an updo. From fully braided buns, to adding something extra to your updo, we can create a look that is totally unique to you and your style. Plus, the benefit of a style like this is that gorgeous spring breeze on your neck!

Half up half down

Half up, half down is an old faithful and has always been a popular wedding style as there is so much flexibility to the look. This style looks great with curls, with accessories, with braids, in fact there are so many options for this choice and the fun is always in the creation!

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