1 February 2021

Did You Get Engaged Over the Christmas Break?

Here’s What An Engagement in 2021 Looks Like!


After the highs of the Christmas break and a surprise engagement, we hit a pretty rough January.

But, a congratulations is in order! Your engagement will have turned a difficult 12 months on its head and given you a new, exciting reason for this moment in time to be memorable.


The question that strikes all of my brides-to-be at this point is ‘What plan to make first?

In 2021, that question is slightly trickier. An engagement in the first few months of 2021 looks very different. Making any firm plans is not advised, but, understandably, you will want to feel as though you’re making progress. So, the question needs to be adapted.


Instead, this year we’re asking…


What CAN you do?


While I’m not encouraging my brides to put their deposits down too far in advance of their wedding day, there’s no reason at all that you can’t begin planning those all-important personal details for your big day.


Check in on your shortlisted suppliers

Many of your favourite suppliers will still be open for business in as much as you can catch up and talk plans via Zoom or over the phone, and discuss potential meetings for in a few months’ time. Suppliers will have been really missing the joys of regular weddings, so the chance to brainstorm and get extra creative with you will feel like a breath of fresh air and a taste of the exciting things yet to come!


Ditch convention

Everything’s a little unconventional at the moment. Weddings have been taking on unusual forms that none of us are really used to. However, many have been using this as an opportunity to reform the wedding tradition in a more personal way, ditching those conventions that don’t appeal to them personally and adapting things to suit their personalities and preferences. From opting for e-invites rather than paper, to replacing the wedding breakfast with a picturesque picnic lunch, every detail is flexible. If you’ve always dreamt of having your first dance outside under the stars, make it happen now, free from the limits of tradition!


Organise your inspo

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to visualising when you can’t yet actualise, so get those boards set up early. One Fab Day has an excellent guide on how to make the most of them.


Celebrate With Your Loved Ones

There’s been an immeasurable distance between friends and family members for the past year, but now is the perfect time to reconnect and offer some positive news, even if it’s just virtually. A wedding lifts everyone’s spirits, reminds us of what’s important, and gives us a brilliant reason to have a long catch up (and pick all the married couples’ brains!). And, of course, don’t forget to post your ring selfie!


Let me know how you’re approaching your wedding planning in 2021 by leaving me a comment below. I’d love to hear how your plans have been adapted.

If you’re ready to start planning your bridal hairstyle, get in touch today!