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10 June 2020

Essential Things to Remember when Planning a Winter Wedding

A winter wedding might be at the forefront of many engaged couples’ minds at the moment, with so many weddings postponed. Some of the most stressful questions might revolve around how best to plan in a short time-frame, and how to make sure the reality lives up to your dream.


In addition to the creative touches of planning a winter wedding that we covered in our last blog post, there are some key details that need to be nailed for your day to run as smoothly and comfortably as possible. From tricky timings to keeping warm, winter nuptials bring with them their own unique challenges. But, bear the following things in mind and your winter wedding will be a wonderland to remember.


Keep warm

Most wedding dresses are not designed for warmth. Their most important features are their fit, their personal features, and their elegance. But in the winter, you might ask a little more of them. We recommend finding a cape or cover-up that you like and that complements the styling of your dress. You’ll be thankful for it when moving between you chosen venues and waving people off at the end of the night. Consider also the possibility of wearing tights under your dress if it’s long. For your guests, provide on-hand cosy blankets to keep warm with when they aren’t dancing, and a coat check-in so they don’t have to worry about not being able to keep dry outside or bringing wet jackets into your carefully organised reception.


Allow extra travel time

If you plan to hold your ceremony and reception in the same place, this is not so much of a worry; just ensure that everyone allows more time for traffic on the way there. If you want to split your special day across two or more venues, consider how quickly and easily guests can move from one to the other. How much time and transportation is needed, and how drastically would a rain shower affect, say, a ten minute walk? If your reception is at a place where guests can stay overnight, this might ease their planning process too.


Chat to your suppliers

Avoiding delays on the day itself is paramount to keeping things stress-free for you. I’m sure it goes without saying that things should be set up in advance, be it the flowers, the cake, or the place settings. Do as much as you can a day or two before, to give you time to readjust if need be and make sure your cake isn’t stuck 10 miles away because of flooding, ice, or snow. You can’t really have too many measures in place to guarantee the essentials on your big day, so don’t be afraid to ask the questions of those key players. If you’ve yet to choose your suppliers, why not check out a directory like Love That Wedding for ideas!


Allow for earlier sunsets

One thing that might be overlooked when planning your timeline for the day is how many of those precious daylight hours you’re going to get. Those all-important photographs of bride and groom outside the church or guests outside the venue will likely look best in the sunshine, so make sure you factor this in when outlining the day. Equally, winter weddings do allow more time for those atmospheric night-time shots (refer back to our first point!), when the lighting is dim and deliberate. So, make sure your photographer is well-versed in what kind of shots you want.


Alternative shoes

When it comes to your winter wedding shoes, there are two incredibly important things to think about: comfort… and mud. Your fine, white heels are not going to be well-suited to damp country lanes, so either opt for something more robust or bring a spare pair of shoes for those trans-venue walks. And don’t forget just how many shoes will be traipsing inside: potentially hundreds, and, with guests exploring all aspects of your venue, more than once each! So counteract any damage or extra clean-up with a few subtle mats.


Follow these ideas, stay vigilant, and your special day will run as smoothly as a snow-coated toboggan-run!

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