15 July 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the Anniversary Reception Trend

With almost half of weddings that were scheduled for 2020 postponed, the nature of weddings may well have changed forever.

Many brides and grooms have implemented new restrictions for their 2021 weddings, ranging from only permitting guests who have been vaccinated, to zoom calls for those who cannot be in attendance.

But, one of the biggest trends that seems to be taking the wedding world by storm is the Anniversary Reception!

I’m here to fill you in on what an Anniversary Reception is and why on earth you might want to have one!

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What is an Anniversary Reception?

As the name suggests, the anniversary reception is simply the big wedding party you always dreamed of… a year later. Rather than inviting all your guests on the day for the ceremony, you invite them to celebrate with you on the same date the following year, when (fingers crossed) everything is a bit more normal and a lot more safe.

Why choose an Anniversary Reception?

– Avoid any extra risks

One of the biggest limitations on weddings in 2021 is getting everyone tested or vaccinated before the big day. While the government has set out a thread of deadlines for the vaccination programme, I know that many of my brides are being cautious when choosing their wedding date, even with the promise of near-normality on July 19th. Keeping the ceremony small on the day and delaying the big party for a year is the ultimate way of avoiding any last-minute rearrangements or guest list disappointments!

– Venues are getting booked up quicker than usual

As you can imagine, the next couple of years will be a game of catch-up for all wedding suppliers. For venues, there is less flexibility than ever. If a venue is booked out for a weekend, it’s booked out; there’s no compromise or option for the supplier to work extra hours to fit you in, as there may well be with other types of suppliers. So finding a date that works for both your reception venue and your ceremony venue this year will likely be twice as tricky as usual. Splitting these two events across 2021 and 2022 is the perfect solution, and gives you valuable flexibility when it comes to choosing your wedding date out of those that are available at your favourite venues.
Take a look at some of my recommended venues here.

– Don’t delay the ceremony

If you’ve been waiting a year (or maybe two!) for your wedding day to finally happen, then your priority is probably just tying the knot! The idea of a small, intimate ceremony with just a handful of your loved ones may not have been attractive to you at first, but with the prospect of a bigger party next year, its charms are no doubt beginning to appeal. After all, getting married and declaring your love for one another is the reason you’re going through all of this, so why not make it official and deal with the extravagant part later?

– No more compromise

The whole idea of an Anniversary Reception might feel like a compromise in itself; but, in reality, it’s less of a compromise than slimming down your guest list, postponing the whole ceremony for a year, or completely abandoning your original plans. With an Anniversary Reception booked, you can simply spread out the excitement and joy of your wedding day across an entire year – and why shouldn’t you? It’s been a long time coming, and you deserve the day of your dreams!

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How do I secure my bridal hairstyling for an Anniversary Reception?

I realise that splitting your wedding across two dates is going to be incredibly common this year, which is why I’ve put together an entirely new wedding price package for those who have decided to do this.

For more guidance on how an Anniversary Reception might affect your wedding hair plans, get in touch with me now!

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