1.  Once you have your perfect bridal perfume don’t put it in direct sunlight, or in a warm/damp place like the bathroom.  The heat will break down the scent and lessen the quality.  Instead, pop it in a draw, or on top of a wardrobe away from windows.

2.  Rub a little vaseline on your pulse points, as this will hold the scent better on your skin and for longer.

3.  Pop your perfume on right after getting out of the shower, and before getting dressed.  The moisture from the shower will help to lock in the scent – and putting your perfume on before dressing will stop any staining coming through on your wedding jewellery and dress!

4.  For a lighter scent, spray in mid-air and walk through the mist.  The fragrance will distribute evenly over the body and leave a hint of scent.  Perfect for if you have a very heady perfume.

5.  Don’t rub your wrists together after applying perfume.  This squashes the top notes and makes them disappear faster resulting in a fragrance that doesn’t last the morning.

For other tips and tricks for your wedding day, contact me at michelle@bridalhairinhampshire.co.uk or use the web form here. 

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