5 July 2021

Featured Wedding Supplier: Lindsay West

House of Colour – Personal Stylist and Image Consultant


I recently chatted to personal stylist Lindsay West about her recommendations for brides-to-be who are starting to make those big decisions about their wedding look.

Lindsay’s styling services can help you ensure that you achieve that timeless beauty that I know is so important to my brides-to-be. For years to come, you’ll look back on your wedding day feeling confident and happy about the choices you made for the day.

To chat to Lindsay about her styling services, email:


What services do you offer your wedding styling clients?

For the bride
• Colour analysis
• Personal Style
• Wedding makeup and skincare
• Wedding styling (dresses for clothing personality, necklines, materials, flowers, colour combinations, advice on accessories, advice on bridesmaid colours)
• Shopping for the dress, accessories, honeymoon
• Shopping for flowers

For the groom
• Colour analysis
• Personal Style
• Shopping for wedding and honeymoon

For other members of the wedding party (mother of bride, mother of groom, bridesmaids etc.)
• Colour analysis
• Personal Style
• Makeup and skincare
• Shopping for wedding outfits


What do you pride yourself on being able to give your wedding clients?

Working with me to create the dream colour scheme for your wedding will take all the stressful decision-making away. I can advise on the style and colour of the dress that is going to make you look your best and then do the same for your bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party.


Describe your brand ethos in three words:

Confident, Metamorphic, Engaging


Where are you based?

I have a fabulous studio in Salisbury, a 10-minute walk from the station.


What three tips do you often give to your wedding clients?

1. Stick to your budget – There is a huge range of dresses to suit a wide range of budgets. Some boutiques stock ex-model dresses which will be discounted. Remember you will probably only wear this dress once so consider that and be budget savvy.

2. Know your colours – Knowing what colours suit you (preferably by having your colours professionally analysed) ahead of your wedding shopping can make your experience much easier because then you can head for the shops armed with the knowledge that you know exactly which colours will look incredible for your wedding dress, going away and honeymoon outfits, accessories and make up.

3. Know what styles suit you -Taking a personal stylist with you can really help you make what is possibly the most important wardrobe choice you will ever make. Experiment, have fun, and try on a few dresses that you wouldn’t automatically choose just to check you are making the right style choices. Don’t forget to take some photos!


If you’re not yet familiar with Lindsay’s work, connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


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