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5 June 2020

Get Inspired with Our Wintry Wedding Ideas

Many of you may be in the midst of rearranging your wedding day. Perhaps you’d planned for your special day to be in the summer, but are now considering a winter wedding date, or perhaps you’d had your heart set on cosy Christmas sparkle all along.

Either way, winter weddings come with a whole host of benefits and a few niche challenges. But the final day, when planned well, can be magical in a way that summer weddings just don’t allow. The most important thing is to be creative and to adapt; it sounds obvious, but your winter wedding won’t just be a summer wedding in the winter. You need to embrace the colder temperatures, the changing landscape, and the alternative colours, food, and florals.

Bring the wintry feel to the forefront with our winter weddings ideas and highlights:


Bag Your Dream Venue

For many brides and grooms, bar a fortunate few, the wedding budget is at the centre of a lot of key decisions when beginning to plan or working out the best way to rearrange. As, traditionally, winter weddings have been slightly less popular than summer ones, those top-end-of-your-budget venues might just be that bit more accessible, leaving more of your pennies for your dress, flowers, catering or, indeed, bridal hair. If you can succumb to the frosty charm of winter, you just might be rewarded with your dream setting.


Cosy, Warm Tones

It’s a common misconception that winter weddings have to be all about stark whites, crystal blues and silvers, and icy details. It’s simply not true! Often, these colours schemes work beautifully, but they are not your only option. Try off-white creams, deep reds, or emerald greens. Blush pinks can tone in with darker cream hues, and make a lovely alternative to colder palettes. And don’t forget your textures too; silks and satins always feel elegant, but warm faux furs and more rustic, natural fabrics can make everyone feel at home. With the right combination of colours and personal details, the cosiness of your December wedding can feel warmer than July.


Embrace the Sparkle

Regardless of your choice of colour scheme, winter is a time that lets you get creative with your planning and designing. Make each place setting or centrepiece unique and personal, and add the glitter, gems, or delicate lace you’ve always dreamt of. Enrich the atmosphere at your chosen venue with twinkling lights, flickering candles, and hanging lanterns; these details can really bring everything together and keep everyone feeling cosy after the early sunset.
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Warm from the inside out

The wedding breakfast is your first meal as a married couple. Not only does it bring all of your guests together to sit, chat, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company, it should bring together all the aspects of your big day. While in the summer, delicate plates and fizzy champagne might satisfy you and your guests, the winter temperatures call for something heartier. So make sure your food flows with your overall theme; pick bolder flavours, meat over fish, and seasonal veg. Perhaps introduce some warming mulled wine or hot chocolate for later in the evening, with gingerbread biscuits, steaming hot puddings, and mince pies for dessert. A hot late night snack of pizza, toasted sandwiches, or pulled pork rolls can be the perfect way to offset the drinking and dancing.


Stand-Out from the Crowd

Of course, winter weddings come with hurdles that must either be overcome or brazenly charged through, depending on your tactics… and the cooler outdoor temperature is obviously going to be a big one. The sleek, sleeveless dress you pictured might not be suitable for snow and frosts, and so you must adapt. This might be the time to consider a gorgeous vintage long-sleeved gown, some silk gloves, maybe even some statement boots, or, if your dress has already been decided, something soft or furry to cover your shoulders. For the groomsmen, this may be a blessing in disguise – no need to worry about overheating in their suits!

If you planned your winter wedding to perfection and want to share your story, or overcame complications and want to share some advice with couples in the planning stages now (many of whom might be in the midst of a postponement panic!), please comment below or send us a message so we can feature you!