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26 July 2022

Gorgeous Hair Styles for Summer Weddings

Summer is a popular season amongst wedding planners, possible because of the promise of warm, long days but also because of the abundance of inspiration it provides. This time of year is alive with colour and vibrancy, so the possibilities seem endless when it comes to all the wonderful little touches you can add to your day. And this is true for your hair as well!

But with so many options, regardless of the length of your every day hair, where do you start in deciding exactly what style to choose? First things first, it should be just the right fit for the general tone of your wedding as well as your own personal style while also feeling comfortable and sustain a long and exciting day.

Even though many people feel like the gown is the main attraction, your hair is the “piece de resistance” and will be subject to re-adjustments throughout the day, squished whilst be hugged a million times (isn’t it so great we are able to do this again!) and of course hours of laughter and dancing!  Don’t worry though, during your hair trial I will share some of my secrets for how to make sure your hair stays in shape regardless of how many hugs you give or how many times you are pulled on to the dance floor. There won’t be a strand out of place!

Fashion and trends are as old as time so there is always plenty of ideas and suggestions out there to inspire you, whether you want something vintage and classic or modern and fresh. Or you can even get creative and start a whole new trend.

To help you out here are my thoughts on some gorgeous summer styles:

The classic bun – this style never goes out of fashion, regardless of the season, and can be adjusted to suit a relaxed casual feel or a slicker more striking look! Plus, adding that all-important accessory will give it the perfect finish.

My little pony – There are now so many ways to style a ponytail and some very fancy tricks to give that kick of individuality. Maybe adding an accessory with the matching colour to your bridesmaids or an heirloom that’s been handed down generations for the sentimental touch. There really is no end to what we can create with this simple, traditional style.

Keeping it natural – Who remembers the 90’s when it was on trend to straighten your hair to within an inch of its life? While I appreciate a good set of hair straighteners, I’m pleased the waves and curls are back and being embraced wholeheartedly because, wow, it looks so pretty for a wedding, especially during the summer. By adding some simple seasonal flowers to gloriously naturally curly, afro, and curled hair, it looks incredible and has great staying power!

Side-swept and interesting – If you have long hair and have chosen a classic and elegant gown, then the side-swept wave looks wonderfully glamorous and adding accessories to one side finishes the look perfectly. This is a popular choice for anyone who is inspired by vintage or old movie star fashion.

Perfectly Braided – The braid never goes out of fashion and is always a strong contender on the big day. And now with even more choice of finishing touches, the options are endless. Halo braids, crown braids, waterfall braids and even the more intricate fishtail braid with waves will look fabulous and be able to match your chosen style and gown.

Now I know what you may be thinking, “Eeek……how do I decide?!”

Don’t worry, during your hair trial I will help you come to a decision that will be sure to add just the right touch for your day and WOW your guests. If you can’t wait till then, however, here are some things to consider when thinking about your hairstyle of choice.

Stick to one style – If you have a more casual style of gown, try to follow that through with your hair by giving it a relaxed feel. But if you are opting for something more traditional and elegant, then you may want to consider smoother and less textured styles.

Up or down? – Again, this depends on the dress and how it will make you feel throughout the day. You want the style of the hair to reflect the whole tone of your big day while also feeling really comfortable. Some people love the feel of long hair on their shoulders or down their back while others prefer the breeze on their neck.

Hair Accessories / Tiara – When thinking about hair accessories, do what feels comfortable and sustainable. There is no right or wrong here, some people like to keep it simple with one small and elegant accessory while others will opt for a blooming crown of summer flowers. What do you feel suits your personal style the most? It’s important to remember that this day is all about you and your partner so choose accessories that reflect your personality. That’s why your guests love you after all.

Cut and Colour – If you are planning to colour your hair in time for your wedding day the best thing to do is ask your hairdresser to recommend when to get the final cut and colour done, as they know your hair best. This timescale will be different for everybody but it is usually easier to style hair that has been cut and coloured a little while before the big day.

Remember, this is your day and you want to feel fabulously flawless for the whole day. Be comfortable, be able to dance the night away and most importantly, be you!

If you are unsure of anything in the lead up to your wedding day, whether it’s about the general style or how soon before the big day to wash your hair, please ask as many questions as you would like during your trial. As well as create beautiful bridal hair, it is also our job to put your mind at easy so the only thing left for you to do is have the best day of your life.

If you haven’t booked your initial consultation call and hair trial yet, what are you waiting for? This is when we start forming ideas and you can start to see your dreams become a reality. For more information please visit the home page here.

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