7 November 2018

Hair Colouring Before Your Wedding

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If you’re a bride considering a change in hair colour before your wedding day, then you maybe in a state of flux at the moment.  It’s really important to consider why you want to change your hair colour and what is the best technique for you.  Sometimes, just a simple run through of some lighter shaded toner is enough to make the difference and really bring through a bit more life into the hair.  Here are my top tips to consider before taking the hair dye plunge before your big day.

  1. Make sure you do your research and find an excellent salon or hairstylist, and make sure to have a consultation and patch test.
  2. Any major dying of the hair should be done 13 weeks before the wedding.  Just think 13 weeks to make tweaks!
  3. Discuss whether you want an overall dye of the entire hair, or perhaps just a little balayage to bring the hair colour out more or Highlights
  4. Make sure to condition your hair routinely to make sure it is in tip top condition for the big day.

For other tips and tricks for your wedding day, contact me at michelle@bridalhairinhampshire.co.uk or use the web form here. 


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