I am often asked by my bridal clients how do I know/decide what style will look best in their hair? To be honest it’s a collaboration between client and stylist. When I get a bride-to-be in for a consultation they will often guide me into a style – even if they don’t know their doing it! By just arriving for their appointment with either their hair down or up, I then instantly know what they’re most comfortable with.

Sometimes clients will show me an array of looks that they like that seem to have no connection, but believe me, there always is something that connects them! When I have a bride who has no idea of what they want style wise, you can often connect the dots when they reveal their wedding gown, flowers or hair accessories.

Lastly, I like to look at the actual shape of the face, scalp, length and condition of hair. I then have a quick play to consider does the parting look better down the middle or to one side? Does the fringe need to sweep and to what side? Does the hair need to go up or down? All these little things that go through my mind are there to get the best design out of your hair, and it also means you don’t have to worry about all that for your big day.

For other tips and tricks for your wedding day, contact me at michelle@bridalhairinhampshire.co.uk or use the web form here. 

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