1 March 2021

How to Choose a Bridal Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Finding the right bridal hairstyle for your face shape is an integral part of the design process for me and my brides-to-be.


Often, when I begin looking through the inspiration images that a bride has brought with her to her hair trial, it’s one of the first things I look for.

Will your favourite style match up with your face shape? Can the style idea be tweaked to make it more flattering and comfortable for you?


But don’t fear! These questions are all just part of the process. I ALWAYS make sure my brides-to-be get the bridal hairstyle of their dreams.


Creating the ideal bridal hairstyle is a balance of many different things. During the consultation that kicks off your hair trial, we’ll cover a list of things:

– Personal style

– Personality

– Chosen wedding dress

– Chosen flowers

– Hair thickness and texture

– Face shape


Of course, the finer details are always tweaked as the styling begins, and there is never a hard-and-fast rule that will apply to every bride-to-be. And that’s the way it should be. I pride myself on being able to offer bespoke, individual styles to each and every one of the brides I work with.

Today, we’re talking about face shape. There are countless different face shapes out there, but for the purposes of giving you something to consider while you’re pondering your bridal do, I’ve narrowed it down to 6 of the most common.

Square, Round, Triangle, Oval, Rectangle, and Diamond


Here are some top tips to consider when choosing your favourite styles for your inspiration boards!



  • Side-swept fringes and long layers reduce angles
  • Lengthen short faces with volume on top
  • Half-up, half-down offers the best of both



  • Lengthen short faces with soft layers and long styles
  • Up-dos should have side-swept fringe or hair left close to the sides of the face
  • Short fringe will lengthen face
  • Choppy pixie cuts add angles



  • Narrow at top – long fringes and layers add volume at the top; consider a higher, intricate bun if you want an up-do
  • Narrow at chin – bobs or mid-length hairstyles add width and volume around jaw; consider a low chignon bun if you want an up-do



  • Most styles will work, including relaxed curls and neat chignon buns
  • Short, blunt bobs can shorten long faces



  • Volume at the sides adds width, so consider curls or waves
  • Shorten face and soften angles with round fringe
  • If opting for an up-do, consider keeping a few natural curls at the side of the face



  • Medium or long hairstyles
  • Side-parting will broaden forehead
  • Ponytails or high up-dos will emphasise high cheekbones
  • Chin-length bob fills out chin and forehead
  • Consider half-up, half-down if you’d like natural waves


To have a go at creating an elegant up-do at home, download my free tutorial PDF here!


Not sure what shape your face is? Here’s how to find out.

  1. Tie your hair back in a tight ponytail, clipping back any fringe that might obscure your hairline from view.
  2. Stand in front of a mirror.
  3. In lipstick or eyeliner pencil, reach out and draw the outline of your head onto the glass.
  4. Step back and look at the shape – does it fit into the groups mentioned above?


But, if the exercise above doesn’t make things clearer for you, don’t worry, you’re in the majority of women who don’t completely adhere exactly to one shape! It means we’ll start your hair trial with a totally blank canvas and no preconceptions. From there, we’ll find a bridal hairstyle that captures all of your natural beauty and personality.


If you feel ready to start discussing your bridal hair ideas with an expert, book a call directly into my diary here!


Bride arriving at church
Guy Collier Photography