8 April 2021

How to Choose Your Bridal Hair Accessories

For many of you, your bridal hair accessories will go some way to determine what hairstyle you choose for your wedding day.


Perhaps there’s an heirloom piece that you have your heart set on, or you just love the idea of a simple tiara. If this is the case, read on to find out how best to incorporate your chosen bridal hair accessories into your overall bridal look.

If you’re undecided on your bridal hair accessories, then use this post as an ideas sheet. Think about each prompt and how it might apply to you, before making that all-important decision.


Things to think about…



A key tenet of choosing any type of wedding accessory, whether it’s your shoes, your jewellery, or your hair pieces, is to remain consistent. Each element must fit together with the others or you run the risk of having a very disjointed style, which will kill the sophistication. When it comes to hair accessories in particular, make sure that you stick to silver, gold, rose gold, opal (or whatever you pick) across all your jewellery too. The same goes for your chosen stones and their cuts. Decide which combination reflects your vision best and stick with it from your head to your toes!


Personal Style

There is no bigger factor than your own personal style. If you are the kind of person who enjoys understated designs, pastel colours, and minimal detailing, then a heavy fuchsia flower crown is not going to be for you. If you see a look on Pinterest that you love, but it’s a far-cry from what you’re used to, there’s a good chance that you won’t feel comfortable wearing it on your wedding day. Try to break down the sort of styles you would usually opt for and derive your guiding focus from that.



It goes without saying that your chosen bridal hairstyle will influence your choice of hair accessories. I always ask my brides to bring any accessories that they definitely want me to use with them to either their first or their second hair trial. It’s essential that I know as early on as possible what pieces you have your heart set on. In a similar way, however, it’s important to remember that some styles just don’t go with some accessories, as I’ll explain further down, in which case compromises will need to be made.


Hair thickness and length

To work out what types of hair accessories will work with your hair thickness and texture, you may prefer to speak to a professional stylist (like myself!). They will be able to assess whether or not your hair will properly support your chosen accessory. If you know your hair is fine and silky smooth, then you might struggle with a heavier clip or comb that doesn’t have support with a band (in the form of a tiara or headband); but those with slightly more textured/curly or thick hair will find that larger pieces stay in place a little easier.



As more and more of my brides ask me about having more than one hairstyle on the day, with a change-up after the ceremony and before the reception, it might be important to you to find a hair accessory that can be used in two different ways.


Once you’ve got a handle on those factors, you’re ready to start looking at the different types of accessories…


Comb, slide, or clip

These three styles of accessory are all quite similar, and can be used almost interchangeably. Combs rely on a slightly more textured hairstyle or up-do to get purchase, while slides and clips can work with sleeker looks too.
– Always popular as they suit a range of hairstyles
– Wear at the back or side with an up-do, or mark the parting of the hair at the back with a half-up half-down

Brides and Hairpins Sahara Clip Brides and Hairpins Serena Comb


Headband, tiara, or crown

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day. You could say there is no surer way of making this happen than by including a tiara or crown in your bridal look. With countless sizes and designs to choose from, these pieces really can suit any hairstyle, from understated vintage looks to bolder styles with lots of volume.
– Modern or vintage possibilities
– Try an asymmetrical headband with detailing on one side to complement a side-parting

Brides and Hairpins Roma Crown Brides and Hairpins Jayla Headband



Flowers are the perfect way to incorporate your chosen wedding colours into your bridal hairstyle. For many, they are the finishing touch to a beach-style wedding or a country wedding with a boho vibe. Why not pick a flower that reflects the season of your marriage?
– Flowers work well with intricate styles and braids
– Accentuate detailing in hairstyle with small flowers, or make a larger flower the feature
– For a statement piece, consider a flower crown

Brides and Hairpins Maren Clip Set

Mark Tattersall Photography


Halo/ hair vine

One of the key benefits of a hair vine is its flexibility – literally. Vines can be moulded and fixed into the shape that you desire, meaning that they can potentially work with any style imaginable. With added embellishments, vines can uplift the glamour of a hairstyle effortlessly.
– Beautifully frame an up-do
– Add detailing to the side of a relaxed down-do
– Perfect for chic, soft glam styles

Brides and Hairpins Micah Halo Brides and Hairpins Atiena Halo



Pins, like clips, can be used exactly as you want. Without the rigid frame of a tiara or crown, you are able to distribute the pins throughout your hairstyle however feels best. It is, however, important to ensure the pins have some sort of texture to hold onto. An up-do or half-up-do with a few twists work best.
– As each pin is a detail in itself, it’s easy to personalise where you place them
– Run a set of three pins down the side of an over-the-shoulder half-up style for a beautiful contemporary look

Brides and Hairpins Eveline Pin Set Brides and Hairpins Nexus Pin Set



The ultimate in traditional wedding accessories. For many brides, a veil is a must-have, and I have created countless hairstyles designed around gorgeous veils. With a long veil almost any bridal hairstyle will suit, but those with shorter hair may opt for a veil that reflects your length and doesn’t weigh your style down. And let’s not forget the vintage feel of an open lace face visor!

Lahu Wedding Photography


There are many local suppliers, including Victoria Fergusson Accessories, who will be able to help steer you in the right direction. Alternatively, head over to my Wedding Accessories shop to see what pieces Brides and Hairpins could offer you!

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