30 September 2020

How To Inject a Splash of Colour Into Your Wedding Day

If you’re looking for ways to add a bit of colour into your nuptials, consider these suggestions.

As you put the design, décor, and dress code together, remember to stick to a colour scheme and tone bright primary colours down with softer shades and white. This will help keep things classy while giving you the flamboyant freedom you crave!


Fabulous Flowers

This is Opportunity Number 1 for colour! Everyone loves a bright bouquet, and, when paired with a soft white or cream dress, you’ll have no worries about them making your outfit too gaudy. A few brilliant sprigs, woven into a boho half-up half-down hair do can look stunning, so consider how to incorporate your florals into your hairstyle.

Mark Tattersall Photography
Jamie Coupaud
Same-sex wedding brides laughing
Martin Bell Photography


Stand-Out Settings

This need not be too DIY or arts-and-crafts, if that’s not your kind of thing; but, when your guests sit down to eat and listen to the speeches, give them a good starting point to get the conversation flowing (as well as a pretty and memorable gift to take home!).

Annie Gray
Sara Dubler
Bright Invites

Make sure everyone knows they can expect an infectiously colourful celebration with vibrant invites. This is your first opportunity to make a statement, so if you’re going for colour, make sure your guests know it. Encourage them to wear something bright, to keep the atmosphere energised, exciting, and cheerful.



Bold Bakes

When you picture a wedding cake, it is most likely a tiered, white-iced affair; but, if colour is your calling, this need not be the case! There’s no need to make it garish, but colourful sponge lightly coated in buttercream, or the addition of real flowers, can really add that signature pop of colour you’re looking for. Try these for inspiration:

Thomas AE
Maurizio Perruolo
Joshua Glass


Snazzy Suits

Whether it’s because they’re usually hired, or because they’re kept traditional, men’s wedding suits tend to be black, navy, or grey. Rarely do we see huge variation. But why not liven it up with a pastel jacket, a primary pocket square, or a patterned tie or bow-tie?

Tom Pumford


Have you got any other suggestions you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below!


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