27 November 2020

How To Pull Off a Micro Wedding Without Feeling Like You’ve Compromised

Micro-weddings are vastly different to the big celebration you might have planned for 2020 or 2021; but, with future restrictions uncertain, a micro-wedding might be the difference between getting married and not getting married in the next twelve months.

So, I’m here to tell you how perfect a micro-wedding can be. How many new windows it opens up, what freedom it gives you, and why cutting down your guest list might not be the compromise you think it is.

A smaller guest list means less prep

You might have a guest list of 300 people. But, preparing a wedding for 300 guests is no mean feat, whether you’ve hired a wedding planner or not. Slimming that down to a meagre 30, or even 6, will ultimately take a weight off your shoulders. Fewer mouths to feed, fewer bums to seat, and fewer invites to send.

Keep it casual

While you might have initially planned a huge, extravagant day, your micro-wedding might be the perfect opportunity to scale it back. Opt for something more casual and care-free. Maybe a shorter dress, some statement heels, and lose the veil. For the boys: a mismatched suit and trouser combination with a smaller price tag. Think of your new wedding day differently to your initial plans, which might still come to life next year; this is a non-traditional celebration; a totally different event!

Seal the deal and begin married life

Many of you may have been waiting years for the time to be right to tie the knot. Whether that was due to availability of your venue, funds, or settling down into a new family home, the idea of postponing for even a single day longer may feel impossible. If that’s the case, the micro-wedding is your way into beginning your life of wedded bliss. Your prime motivation is marking your love, and a ceremony of any size will achieve that, so why not go ahead?

Party later

Though by summer 2021 you may technically be married, there is no reason you couldn’t plan a bigger celebration for around this time for those who couldn’t attend your micro-wedding. Think of it as extending the excitement and the fun. Rather than a compromise, it’s a bonus, and Covid is simply an excuse to keep the party going!

Support local businesses

‘Shop local’ is a mantra that all of us are familiar with. We know how important it is to protect the businesses on our High Street, and that has never been more important than now. Contact the wedding suppliers in your local town and ask what packages they’re offering for micro-weddings. You might find yourself inspired by their suggestions, and getting booked for your wedding might just make their day!

Have fun with it

Your micro-wedding won’t be the same as the big day you had planned. Physically, it can’t be. But the best thing you can do to make your day special is to make peace with that. If it can’t be the same, make it totally different. It’s a brand new type of ceremony, with brand new rules, so why not have fun and make it your own – there are no precedents, no celebrity wedding to match up to; it’s just you, your partner, and the few people who mean the most to you.

Choose crazier colours. Whether it’s your dress, your shoes, your flowers, or something else, add some more excitement and quirkiness to your nuptials with a splash of yellow, green, or pink.

Mix up your theme. Did you have a crazy theme idea in the back of your mind when you first got engaged, but dismissed it in favour of something more traditional? Well, now is the time to let the idea resurface. Embrace your love of nature, French design, or even sci-fi television programmes…

Rearrange you schedule. Many weddings run to a similar schedule. With ceremonies around midday and wedding breakfasts around 5pm. But maybe you’ve always dreamt of a wintry evening ceremony? If your local venue allows it, then go for it! This is your chance to modify details big and small.

Whether you’re happy to embrace the idea of a micro-wedding, or simply doing what you have to do to tie the knot with the person you love, there is no reason this day can’t be special and personal in its own unique way.

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain and add your own flourishes that will stand out in yours, and all your guests’ memories, for years to come.

And, for those smaller bridal parties, Bridal Hair in Hampshire offers a Principal package: professional styling for the bride and four others. So you don’t have to compromise on style either. Book a call to discuss your plans with me here.

Did you opt for a micro-wedding?I’d love to feature it on the blog to inspire our other lovely brides-to-be! Or, check out this real micro-wedding over on The Independent.

Photography by Anna Fowler