23 January 2023

Ideas for creating your own wedding traditions (plus some origins of traditions from days gone by!)

Weddings have come a long way over the years.

Matrimonial celebrations have moved from what was once often quite stuffy and serious, to fun, exotic and very eclectic, with the individual styles of the couple getting married very much interspersed throughout the day!

Nowadays when you attend a wedding, you may witness a flash mob dance, oversized board games or even wedding cake pinatas!

Brides and grooms are not holding back when it comes to having an entertaining and memorable celebration. And this isn’t just for their own memories but for their guests too.

And now as the world is slowly coming back to “normal life” after the pandemic, weddings can be enjoyed as they used to be and it’s great to see the ideas are flowing again!

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your special day by creating your own traditions here are some fun ideas…

Plant a tree together during the ceremony; not only does it add a little something extra to your ceremony, but you’ll love watching it grow through the years as well.

For a unique perspective of your wedding day, hide a GoPro camera inside your bouquet! What a great way to capture this special moment.  

Line your aisle with balloons — and have your guests release them as you make your way down the aisle. 

Cocktail Hour – Champagne popsicles are the perfect adult treat on a hot summer day and super easy to make! Make sure the kids don’t get their hands on them though!

Centrepieces – Place a different game on each of your reception tables. There is always a fear that guests on a table won’t get on or just feel shy! By having interactive games on the table will get the conversation going and laughter flowing!

Reception Ideas – Give your wedding a more laid-back vibe by skipping tables in favour of picnic blankets and lounge furniture. After all, it’s a long day and what better than to kick back and relax for a while (I’m sure there will be some cheeky naps going on too….zzzzzz)

Food & Drinks – There is some thought that needs to go into this part of the day! Too little and your guests will ravenous (and thirsty) or too much and may be too sluggish to throw some shapes on the dance floor!! Additional food for your guests throughout the day is a perfect solution and food trucks are all the rage providing some unique and tasty choices! Even something sweet like candy floss is a fun go-to!

Are you more of a traditionalist? If so you may be more interested in some of the reasons behind certain historical wedding traditions that still take place to this day…

In Rome, the reason for ending the ceremony with a kiss is because the kiss was considered a legal bond that seals the contract!

All over the world in all cultures, it is common for a bride to take on the last name of the groom. Historically this is to be able to trace back the family tree and keep peace between kingdoms but has NEVER been a legal requirement.

In ancient China, eyebrows are considered highly attractive, so much so that it was custom to shave the bride’s eyebrows so that other men didn’t become enamoured with her.

The term “tie the knot” which is mostly used in the UK, stems from the ceremony of Handfasting, which quite literally is the binding of the couple’s hands together with rope.

While it’s still common to wish the newly weds the best of luck as they start their life together, Egyptians take it one step further by pinching the bride as a good luck gesture on her wedding day. Ouch!

Brides from ancient Greece believed that tucking a lump of sugar into their gown would summon good luck throughout the marriage. Another tradition that is still practiced today!

Who doesn’t love wedding cake? And these days there is no end to the choice, style, and ingredients! The tradition of the cake is seen in a variety of different cultures (and originally started with breaking bread over the bride’s head) and is thought to  invite fertility. In Japan they serve herring roe (fish eggs) and sushi for the same reason while Mexicans serve roasted goats.

Whether you are looking to start your own wedding traditions or borrow some from days gone by, there is no limit to what you can add to your day to make it extra special and whatever you do, it’s bound to still have your own unique touch. So, have fun with your planning!