8 October 2021

Marquee Weddings

One thing I’ve noticed this year is that many more of you are choosing to either get married or celebrate in a marquee, a tipi, a yurt, or a bell tent (etc). Maybe this is in part due to the restrictions that we’ve all had to navigate our way through, as outside weddings were a lot kinder to your guest list. Or maybe it’s just that we love sunshine more than ever!

There are so many ways to incorporate a marquee or tent into your wedding day. And to work out what might be the best option for you, ask yourself a few key questions:

– Do you want to get married under a marquee or tipi? Or just celebrate underneath one?

– Do you want to eat outside, under cover, or in an indoors dining room?

– How big does the marquee need to be to suit your guest list?

– Will the marquee be a chillout zone for your guests, away from the main event, or will it be where the ceremony/ dancing/ wedding breakfast happens?

– Are you choosing a marquee for safety reasons (due to Covid-19), or is it to protect your guests from the unreliable English weather?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start planning further…

Getting Married in a Marquee

With the bonus of the open sides of a marquee, you can enjoy the sunshine, the breeze, and the country views of your surroundings while you tie the knot. And, in the case of the weather taking a turn for the worse, your outdoor ceremony doesn’t need to stop!

Many brides-to-be enjoy the tradition and ceremony of a wedding in a religious building; but, for those who like the idea of being a bit more flexible and want to have the final say on where guests sit and how everything is arranged, a marquee gives you extra freedom.

Make the scenery of the English countryside a feature of your wedding day, using seasonal local flowers to decorate chairs and natural materials like wood for furniture.

There are plenty of wedding venues in the Hampshire and Wiltshire area, suitable for hosting both your ceremony and your reception, that will either have their own licenced marquee or space to put one up.

Celebrating in a Marquee

If you want to opt for an indoor wedding ceremony, but like the thought of celebrating in an outdoor space, then why not consider hiring a marquee for the reception?

Marquees can be used for everything from dance-floors to cosy bars, to make your wedding party fun and unique, and to keep your guests entertained, whether they’re up on the floor dancing or enjoying a quiet moment.

For later in the evening, a marquee is the perfect place to set up your snack food option. Shelter a pizza oven or BBQ under the marquee, perhaps with sofas or hay bales for guests to sit on and relax and get warm. Decorate the inside with fairylights, lanterns, and garlands.

If you can’t find a venue that has space or a marquee for you to use, you could either look at putting one up in your own garden or hiring private grounds instead.

Did you get married in a marquee? Or did you hold your wedding reception in a tipi?

I’d love to include your experience and your ideas in this post. Comment below to get featured!

Or, if you’re a past Bridal Hair in Hampshire bride, fill in this form to have all your wedding tips and recommendations shared on our blog!

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