9 December 2020

My Top Picks: Micro-Wedding Inspiration from Pinterest

Micro-weddings are a hot topic right now. Not only are they the best hope that engaged couples delayed by Covid-19 have of being married before next summer (potentially), they’ve quickly become something of a fashion statement. How exclusive, unique, and cosy can you make your micro-wedding? 

So, because I know that many of my brides-to-be are spending their days scouring the internet for that divine burst of inspiration, I thought I’d put my favourite images from the last few weeks together in one place. I give you, my Micro-Wedding Top Picks, courtesy of the lovely creatives of Pinterest… 


Arli Quinn Photography 


Stay Safe (Beautifully)

Perhaps the number 1 concern with a get-together of any kind at the moment is safety. But ticking the health and safety boxes doesn’t have to be in the form of an ugly clinical table at the side of the room. As this image, captured by Arli Quinn Photography, suggests, it can really be quite pretty! (And maybe even light-hearted…). Dress your sanitation station up with flowers, a lovely view, and a few rustic touches to make people feel calm and happy to be keeping themselves and everyone else safe.


Party Squared UK


Smaller Venues

Micro-weddings open up so many different venues. While there’s little point considering inviting 6 of your nearest and dearest to a 300-capacity hall, there might be a quaint little courtyard somewhere that you’d previously written off because it couldn’t fit all your cousins and their plus-ones. But now, that little courtyard is perfect! If you haven’t found your equivalent, then keep looking. There’s something out there for every couple. Take a look at Oxi Photography’s round up of local venues – there are a couple of suggestions here for smaller weddings worth considering. Or, look at the smaller venues mentioned over on Hitched.co.uk.


Lilly White Photography


Romantic Settings

If it’s just a blessing you’re after, with a bigger wedding celebration in the works for next year, you might want to get even more creative. There’s nothing to stop you hosting something as intimate as this. The world really is your oyster, and this is your opportunity to up the blockbuster romance. Keep everything really stripped back, with the focus on your setting; whether that’s mysterious woodland, a roaring seascape, or a picture-perfect lakeside. 


Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


Overhead Cover

It’s key to keep things outside. But, it’s no major shock that outdoors winter weddings can be a little bit challenging, even if you happen to have picked a day that’s light, crisp, and frosty. While this image may not be as limited in guests as if likely, I’m sure you can see how much sense the overhead cover makes! Keep everyone safely distanced but dry and cosy! Try Buffalo Tipi or White Bison for ideas.


Betty Loves Vintage


Go Rustic

Many of the brides I’ve chatted to recently have been really taken by the idea of going back to basics (almost) with a sort of luxury-rustic blend, perfectly summed up by this quaint picnic bench. With weddings taking place outside, something natural, intimate, and relaxed like this is the perfect middle-ground. It brings the group close together, and ensures that everyone will have a wedding experience they won’t forget simply because you dared to think outside the box!


Venue Report


Or… Keep Things Polished

If rustic isn’t for you, then there’s no reason you can’t carry the same values as above, but with a more overtly luxurious feel. Pick a beautifully light and airy location and set up an very personal dining experience for your guests. 


Brian D Smith Photography


All of the Above?

Why not combine all of the rusticity, luxury, intimacy, nature, and quaint details mentioned above and create a truly magical micro-wedding celebration? 



Have you already had a micro-wedding? Would you like to see it featured on my blog? Fill in this questionnaire and show off your tips and tricks to the world!

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