29 September 2023

Perfect Hair for the whole Bridal Party

You deserve peace of mind and confidence on your wedding day, which is why getting the right support and sharing it with loved ones is so important. At Bridal Hair in Hampshire, we recognise this, which is why we help you find your perfect bridal hairstyle and pamper you as you get ready for the magical day ahead.

What are the benefits of whole bridal party hairstyling?

More relaxation, more memories

Even on the wedding morning, the expectations of the day can take us away from those special moments as preparations take place. Finding ways to take in every second of your magical day while enjoying time and making memories with those you love most is important to achieving your fairy tale wedding experience. The wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye, so along with your wedding photos for which you’ll want to look amazing after your wedding day is over, you’ll be left with memories of this wonderful day.

A cohesive bridal party style

A great way to achieve a relaxed atmosphere for your wedding morning is to choose a bridal package that includes your bridal party. Not only is it a great way to spend more time with loved ones, but it also ensures that the styling of the entire party complements each other in all the right ways creating a cohesive look while still allowing individual personality to shine through. Our expert team of bridal hair stylists will enhance your natural beauty and make sure that the entire party feels confident, beautiful, and unafraid to step into the spotlight on this special day.

Every bridesmaid is unique, as we all are, and will have their own personal style. By styling each member of a bridal party within one package, we can find the individual style to suit each personality and enhance their natural beauty, while ensuring a cohesive look and feel across the whole party. This not only gives you the wedding look of your dreams with beautiful photos but also leaves each bridesmaid feeling confident and beautiful as they make their way down the aisle with you.

A special bridal party thank you.

Your bridal party are most likely involved in a lot of the wedding preparations, lending a helping hand or thoughtful ear throughout the process. Wedding planning can be a great time to bring bridal parties together, with everyone working to get prepared as well as enjoying celebratory moments throughout the process.

There are many ways to thank your bridal party for their support and friendship at your wedding, from gifts to speeches. One way to not only show your appreciation for their support but also show how much their friendship means to you, is to arrange a bridal party hairstyling package. A morning of relaxing and being pampered, while getting to spend quality friendship time together will show your appreciation as they enjoy the experience and perks of a professional hairstyle on this special day.

Bridal party wedding packages

To put together your bespoke wedding day package to suit the needs of yourself and your bridal party, simply go to the ‘Our Prices’ tab and follow three easy steps.

First, choose one of the wedding packages, according to the size of your bridal party.

Our Principle package offers hairstyling for the bride plus up to 3 others, with the option for an additional stylist if needed and prosecco for the group to celebrate the special morning.

Our Luxury package is the perfect fit for the bride plus up to 8 loved ones, with an option of an extra stylist if needed. We’ll stay with you until the veil-fitting, just before your ceremony and provide prosecco and chocolates so your bridal party can enjoy every second.

Our Elite package suits a larger bridal party with the bride plus up to 14 members included, with an option of two additional stylists if needed. We’ll stay with you up until your first dance for touch-ups for you and your bridesmaids and provide Bollinger Champagne and chocolates to celebrate the morning with your bridal party. This package also included first-anniversary hairstyling to celebrate your next milestone in style too.

Next, add any additional members – If your bridal party is bigger than one package but smaller than the next one up, choose the smaller and pay for additional bridal party members at £60 per person (e.g., if you think you will have a party of 6, choose the Principal package designed for 4).

Finally, select one of our many upgrade options, such as touch-ups, special hair care products, or extensions, to ensure an even more unforgettable experience.

Photography by Rebecca Faith

Every wedding and bridal party is unique

At Bridal Hair in Hampshire, we realise that every wedding is unique. As such, these packages are simply designed to be used as a starting point upon which you can build your dream wedding hair package. No matter the package you choose, it is our honour to make the bride and every member of the bridal party feel fabulous on such a big day.

As the bride, you will feel butterflies, nerves, and excitement on your wedding morning, but it is your bridal hair specialist’s job to pamper you and get you ready for the magical day ahead. Your wedding hairstyle should last the whole day without worry, and be admired by your family, friends, and guests. Our professional team of bridal stylists will make sure to deliver an exquisitely curated experience for your whole bridal party, all the while making sure to keep the atmosphere light and relaxed. We want you to look back fondly on every aspect of your special day and help create memories that last.

Photography by Mia Photography

For further questions, make sure to check out our FAQ page and download our pricing guide, or arrange a call with Michelle directly to discuss details and availability.