25 October 2023

How Does a Professional Bridal Hairstylist Allow Brides to Reflect Personality, Individuality and Style in Their Weddings?

Wedding styles and themes have seen many trends over the years, but over recent years weddings have been moving away from tradition as couples are choosing a more individualistic approach. In recent years, unique styles and theme-heavy weddings have been becoming increasingly popular, making professional bridal hairstyling evermore important.

Spouses-to-be now find importance in expressing themselves through their wedding theme, choosing something personal to them that they can share with their loved ones. Often, uniformity now takes a backseat—and not just for the bridal couple, but the entire bridal party.

This is reflected in more relaxed hairstyles, with the favour leaning more towards loose up-dos, relaxed curls and mermaid hair. A veil is no longer a necessary accessory. Sometimes leaving hair un-accessorised to best accentuate the incredible hairstyles, or instead this can be highlighted by theme-specific accessories.

Photography: Rebecca Faith Photography

This is where a professional hairstylist comes in.

No matter if you already have an elaborate vision or are still brainstorming, a professional stylist can help you realise your dream wedding. They’ll find the right style to compliment your theme and unique personality while looking professional and exquisite. With years of experience, a professional team such as ours at Bridal Hair in Hampshire, can help support and guide you to create the perfect style for your special day. Together, we can find the right hairstyle to fit your chosen theme, as well as your natural beauty, personality, and style preferences.

At Bridal Hair in Hampshire we want to make your dream a reality. While ensuring you have the fairy-tale wedding you deserve through every aspect of your day. Through a series of hair trials, we work together to find the perfect hairstyle for you to reflect not only your wedding theme but also your natural elegance and individuality. We want you and your bridal party to feel beautiful and confident to step out into the limelight, ensuring that you and your loved ones will always remember your special day.

Our Packages

Your wedding hairstyle should allow you to feel like the most confident, beautiful version of yourself. Leaving you feeling relaxed and enjoying your wedding morning with your loved ones, before you head down the aisle to be admired by friends, family and guests with professional, elegant beauty. We provide this, all while lending support for you and your bridal party to reduce pressure and stress on your wedding day.

All our packages include hairstyling for you and your bridal party. This allows you to choose your package based on the size of your bridal party, and then tailor your package with optional extras. We understand that not all weddings will fit perfectly into the 3 packages we have put together. However, these packages are simply designed to be used as a starting point upon which you can build your dream wedding hair package for yourself and your bridal party. Simply choose the package designed for a bridal party that is smaller than yours. Any bridal party members over and above those included in your chosen package are classed as additional members and are priced at £60 per person.

The Next Steps

Arrange a call with Michelle to confirm availability on your wedding date and begin discussing your wedding hair ideas and preferences with a bridal hair expert.

Book your first hair trial and meet Michelle in her specialist studio or at a location of your choice. Together, build your wedding look, considering your inspiration and ideas with Michelle’s expertise to find the right style for you.

Attend additional hair trials as needed to perfect those final details.

No matter your choice, our top priority at Bridal Hair in Hampshire is to take as much pressure off you and your loved ones as possible, ensuring you feel amazing, relaxed and confident on your wedding day putting your trust in us. We want you to enjoy your special day and we will be with you every step of the way. You can find more details on our website and, of course, contact us any time if you have questions.

Let us work together to create the perfect style for you!