8 November 2020

Second Bridal Hairstyles

Second Bridal Hairstyles

Do I need one?



More and more often, I am asked by brides-to-be whether or not it would be possible to incorporate a second hairstyle for their wedding reception or the second half of the day.

The short answer is yes. I absolutely can do this for you.

The long answer involves weighing up some pros and cons, and analysing the reasons behind this wish.

So why would you consider changing your style after the ceremony?


1. You want to remove your veil

Most brides won’t want to keep their veils attached to their hair for the whole day. If you’re opting to take it off, you might need to, or want to, re-jig your style or at least touch it up to ensure that every strand of hair is exactly where it should be.


2. Wow-factor

This is possibly the biggest motivation for my brides-to-be. They want to arrive at their reception and create an entrance. If you have already planned to change your dress after your ceremony, then a change of hair only adds to the glamour of it all.


3. If you’re bringing together two themes

Many weddings are a joining together of two families’ traditions, two cultures, and perhaps even two visions of the wedding day. So, you may have opted to celebrate in one way for the morning, and another for the evening. In this instance, the two hairstyles would be another way that you could solidify this theme of unity and honour everyone’s preferences.


4. You’re torn between two styles

Perhaps you’ve been researching potential bridal styles, and you’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities, but they are both very different. Why not have both? Decide which style suits the ceremony better, and which the celebration, and keep your hairstylist on-hand during the day to switch things up before the wedding breakfast.


5. Your style doesn’t have to withstand the trials of the whole wedding day

Though I always reassure my brides that I will do my best to make sure their hairstyle stays in place for the entire day, it is a natural concern. With two hairstyles planned, this doesn’t need to be a worry. Each style only needs to last a few hours, and, depending on your wedding day venue, one may be more safely shielded indoors than the other.


The most important consideration, however, is how restyling your hair will fit into your day. You must allow time. How much time will depend on your chosen styles and the suggestions of your bridal hair stylist, but I would always recommend leaving a window of around an hour to avoid any added stress on the day. Remember that things always take a little bit longer than expected, so fitting in a style-change around the time of your couple’s portraits before your wedding breakfast may require pushing evening plans back a little.


Did you have a second hairstyle on your wedding day? Let me know your experience in the comments!

Or, browse my selection of contrasting styles below.

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