11 November 2021

Should I Book Hairstyling For My Entire Bridal Party?

3 reasons you should…

Most brides-to-be will choose to get their own hair and their bridal party’s hair styled on the wedding morning. It’s a fun experience for everyone and can be a really memorable and exciting part of your day.

If you’re on the fence about what to do, consider these three key reasons booking bridal hairstyling for your whole bridal party is a good idea:

1. Everyone will feel special

Everyone is familiar with that just-out-the-salon feeling. It embodies the kind of freshness and confidence we all want every single day. So, why not treat those women closest to you to exactly that feeling on what will already be a magical day. The wedding morning is a wonderful experience that only goes to reinforce your friendship and love, and enjoying a pampering beauty session altogether will only add to this!

2. A unified look

Many brides-to-be have a really strong vision for how they would like their wedding day to look. Booking a hairstylist for your whole bridal party means that you can ensure your bridal party looks and feels the part. Want something classic and traditional? Boho and free-spirited? Glamorous yet relaxed? Choose a selection of hairstyles to reflect this, and your vision will be apparent in every detail.

3. A gift to your loved ones

There is no better way to thank the women closest to you for all their support, friendship, and love over the years on your wedding day than with a pampering session complete with bubbles, laughter, and excitement. Getting to share this moment together will be something that stays with all of you for a lifetime, as will those photographs of you all looking and feeling beautiful.

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Bridal Hair in Hampshire can cater for bridal parties of any size. Take a look at the different packages and upgrade options I have available, and then we can tailor your quote to suit you.

If you still feel as though you’d like to focus on just your hairstyle, then the choice is entirely yours. It may come down to a question of budget, or it might be a time or space constraint. There are plenty of other ways to thank your loved ones for their part in your special day, and you can read a few suggestions on my recent post about Acts of Gratitude.

If you’re ready to go ahead and book your bridal hairstyling, book a call with me here, or email [email protected].

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