14 October 2020

Should I Cut My Hair Before My Wedding?

Everyone associates a fresh haircut with certain things and a certain feeling – no split-ends, a new lease of life, and that just-out-the-salon bounciness. And is that not what you’d want from getting your hair cut before your wedding?

But not every haircut turns out like that. Sometimes it’s just a little too short (or not short enough!), and a new style of layering might not have framed your face quite how you wanted it to. Going for something new can be a bit of a risk.

I would always advise against going for a drastic haircut before your wedding. Stick to what you know works and makes you feel comfortable. Don’t let the engagement excitement make you over-zealous.

The question is, to trim or not to trim? And how far in advance?


When did you have your hair trial?

This is one of the most important factors to consider! If your hair trial was a few months ago, and your stylist perfected an intricate style that it is essential to recreate on your wedding day, then it’s safe to assume there’s going to be more hair to play with this time round. In this instance, you must chat to your stylist. They will know how vital it is that you lose (or keep!) the extra inch. To book your hair trial or get my advice, arrange a call!


How long is your hair?

Short hairstyles generally require more regular trips to the hairdressers to maintain. Ensure that your hairdresser knows the date of your wedding when you go in for your last trim. This way he/she is less likely to cut too much off and jeopardise the style you have planned.


Do you colour your hair?

Topping up your highlights or smoothing over your roots may be your biggest motivation in getting your hair cut before your wedding. And this part can only really be decided by you. Consider how quickly your roots usually grow out, and book an appointment for a few weeks before the big day. But always ensure you leave time (at least one week) for your colour to soften out.


I would generally advise my brides not to get their hair cut any less than 2 weeks before their wedding day. This will…

  • Help you avoid that ‘just cut’ look
  • Let your hair settle into it’s new length
  • Ensure that your hair is fresh, with no split ends

Brides with longer, un-dyed hair, or curlier hair, may opt for as much as 4 or 6 weeks before.


For more dos and don’t on cutting your hair before your wedding, head over to glamour.com.

To grab some inspiration of your own, take a look at the hairstyles of every length over on my portfolio. You might be surprised at what catches your eye!


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