2 October 2020

Soft Glam: The Bridal Hairstyle of Your Dreams

A bridal style that is taking the wedding beauty industry by storm at the moment is ‘soft glam.’

Even if you’re not familiar with the phrase, you’ve probably seen soft glam looks in bridal magazines, on the red carpet, and on beauty Instagram feeds countless times. And while it may more often be used to refer to make-up looks, it’s just as sought-after in the hair world too!


What is soft glam?

The chances are, those romantic up-dos and dreamy down-dos that you’ve got saved on your Pinterest boards or that appear on your Instagram searches fall under this heading. As with make-up, hairstyles in this category are anything that is soft, glamourous, textured, with a natural touch, and without over-starching.

I find that most of my brides, when they begin describing their dream wedding hair, describe soft glam; so, knowing the right term can really help you search for inspiration more efficiently. It’s the magic phrase to remember to say to your wedding hair professional too!


Soft glam up-dos

Rather than the very neat, ordered up-dos that brides may have traditionally had, this kind of up-do allows for a bit more ‘movement’ in the hair. Each twist and turn might seem looser, giving the hair the all-important ‘soft’ look, and the design of the style itself might be a little less ‘by the book.’


Soft glam down-dos

Waves feature in most soft glam down-dos, whether they’re gentle and understated, or a bit more beachy. Clumped-together curls are avoided, in favour of fuller ripples held in place by imperceptible product. And while achieving a shine might have been a priority in the past, this style calls for texture that shows off your highlights and base tones and adds a sense of volume.


Would you like to discuss putting together a bridal hairstyle like the ones below for your wedding day? Or have you seen another wedding hairstyle that you liked? Get in touch today!

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