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5 August 2020

Styling Tips for the Mother of the Bride

So, you’re getting married? Perhaps you’ve got your own look sorted? But now the mother of the bride wants help with hers.

She wants her outfit and hair to work with yours, not to upstage you with extravagance, but not to seem too relaxed. Many mums might overthink this part of the process, so I’m here to offer a few key ideas to bear in mind.


1. Go for tones

One of the main mistakes mums make is to choose one bold colour and stick to it for their whole outfit. Everything is the same shade, with little variation. While this might make a statement, it’s often a bit too bold and needs a bit of softening.

So, advise your mum to pick a soft colour (pastels in the summer and darker hues in winter), and choose an outfit and accessories that tone around it. The end result is much more contemporary and much more flattering.


2. Easy on the jewels

There is a tendency with big, lavish events to go all-out with the jewellery. But it’s important to stay slightly restrained. Balance her chosen statement pieces with something subtler: will the focus be her necklace, her earrings, or her bracelets? Pick one, and keep the others minimalist.


3. Complement but contrast

In terms of dresses, your mum needs to look the part, but also wants to be quite obviously ‘the mother-of-the-bride’ (or maybe a stylish older sister).

Help her pick a dress that might match the style of yours, with a bit of lace or embellishment, but choose an important difference that will complement the design or fit. If you’ve chosen a long gown, suggest a shorter knee-length dress for her. But, if you’ve selected a vintage piece, ask if she would like to follow.


4. If in doubt, go classic

When it comes to hair, your mum might opt for something timeless and classic. A hat might feel out-of-place with your theme, so look for a gorgeous fascinator that will sit delicately above a neat bun.

I recommend booking a hair trial for your mum as well as yourself before your big day. To discuss arranging this, arrange a call with me today!


The most important thing is that your mum feels fabulous, proud, and comfortable. She is a special part of your day, and her outfit and hair should reflect that.



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