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11 August 2020

Tell me your proposal story!

Apart from the wedding day itself, one of the most incredible, special events in the story of your relationship is the proposal itself.

While it isn’t the beginning of your time together, it’s the beginning of a brand new chapter that kick-starts the rest of forever. It is, if you like, the first vow; to be completed as you exchange promises on the big day.

Every single one is beautifully unique, and filled with individual, personal details that are relevant only to you. This is what makes them so remarkable, and so emotional and fun to hear.

Over the years I’ve heard stories of childhood sweethearts getting engaged in one of their favourite spots near their old school, grand proposals in stunning sunny restaurants abroad, as well as gestures in more private settings. Each one is so special. And hearing the happiness in a bride’s voice as she tells her own story will never stop being magical.

I loved reading these stories over on too!

I don’t think anyone could say they don’t love to hear a proposal story, and for this reason, I’d love to be able to write up a few of them for the blog!

Whether you’re a Bridal Hair in Hampshire bride-to-be, you were married years ago, or you celebrated your wedding day just last year, I’d be thrilled to hear from you and read your story.

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