5 December 2020

The First Dos and Don’ts After Getting Engaged

Many of you now must be in those precious first few weeks or months of being engaged. Let’s begin with a massive congratulations from me! This is amazing news, and the thought of all the excitement, joy, and anticipation that you must be experiencing right now makes me so so happy.

To help you navigate this brand new world of possibility, I’ve put together my top tips for dos and don’ts in the first few weeks. These should help you keep your head level, while letting you enjoy those bridal daydreams!

Have a quick look and let me know which of these you really needed to hear!


Do… stay off the socials

… Not forever! Don’t worry, I’m not advocating a permanent detox. It’s just until you’ve told everyone close to you in person or over the phone, from your baby sister to your Great Uncle Henry. No one likes to be kept out of the loop, and seeing your engagement for the first time on Facebook or Instagram might be a bit of a kick in the teeth. So save that all-important engagement ring selfie for exactly the right moment.


Don’t… try to please everyone

Everyone has big ideas when it comes to weddings. Many friends will have their ‘perfect’ love story that they’re desperate for you to recreate, because it worked so well for them. But, just because it was perfect for them, doesn’t mean it will be perfect for you. Don’t rush into booking suppliers based on out-of-date recommendations. Take your time to check out the market yourself in a few weeks’ time, and uncover the unexpected gems that are bound to take you by surprise. Which brings me onto my next point…


Do… take your time

There is no sense in rushing! A date hasn’t been picked yet, no details finalised, and the guest list has not even been announced. It is so important that every decision you make is measured, considered, and honest. Don’t give in to pressure from needy suppliers, and don’t book anything simply because you’re told the slot is going. You, more than likely, have over a year to plan everything out, so make sure you use all of that time. Nothing has to be confirmed in that first month.


Don’t… add pressure with diets, rings, or dresses

I can remember the excitement of the moment still today. There’s nothing else in the world like it: you’re ENGAGED and everyone should get a piece of your happiness. But, for instance, if the ring doesn’t quite fit, don’t force it on. Get it resized as soon as possible, but don’t risk damage or loss. Similarly, don’t force yourself into a diet or a dress that will leave you unhappy! Your engagement will be as full of love and happiness as the wedding day itself, so it’s vital that you love yourself too. Be kind to yourself, keep the pressure off, and stay focused on your motivation.


Do… enjoy these first few moments

This is such a whirlwind time, for all of the reasons I’ve already mentioned. Make sure you’re setting aside time to simply enjoy the experience of being engaged, spend some quality time with your fiance or fiancee, and, of course, celebrate!


Do… choose a date

When the time for wedding planning does come around, your first big decision should be the date. Around this, everything else revolves. Availability with all the suppliers you end up choosing is dependant on this first important choice. So choose a date that’s right for you, and only you. Decide between the seasons, is there a memorable date for both of you (perhaps even the same date you got engaged!), and how do you envisage those wedding photographs – is sunshine essential, or would you find the rain romantic?


Bridal hair design is not at the top of your list right now. Lots of things have to happen first: the celebrations, the dress, the venue, the guest list. But with a new engagement comes endless excitement, and your dream wedding look is a part of that; which is why I strongly believe it’s never too early to start gathering inspiration and chatting to a specialist.

You can book a call with me to discuss your ideas here, or send me an email to register your interest, ready to book in your hair trial at a later date.

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