5 November 2021

Tips for Brides-To-Be When Booking Their Bridal Hairstylist and How to Choose the Right One For You

Most brides-to-be choose their bridal hairstylist based on word-of-mouth recommendations. They know someone who was over-the-moon with their bridal style, and they seek the same feeling.

This is how most of my brides first approach me, which is the biggest compliment in the world! There are instances, however, where this kind of personal review from a loved one isn’t possible; instead you may have stumbled across my work on my social media, or searched for a bridal hairstylist on Google.

If that sounds like you, then you might be looking for some guidance on where to start and what to ask your stylist. My top tip is to just be open in discussing all your inspiration and try out your favourite styles. But, below are also some more tips to help you make the process of booking your bridal hairstylist as smooth as possible and to help you find the right bridal hairstylist for you!

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1. Book in advance

While bridal hairstyling might not be the first thing you book after you get engaged, it’s still important to have it on your radar from the beginning. Do proactively ask your friends (and friends of friends) for their recommendations, and keep your eyes peeled online for local ads or recommended posts. Do check out reviews to see who you resonate with. If you factor in your hairstyling earlier, the more likely it is that you will get the bridal hairstylist that you want and the easier it is to budget for (particularly if you’re planning on having a large bridal party) and to account for any changes or necessary tweaks before the big day. After all it is your special day and you want to get the perfect hairstyle that you have always dreamed of for your wedding day!

2. Do book a trial

Hair trials are incredibly important. I cannot emphasise this enough! By having a hair trial and finding your ideal style pre-wedding, when your wedding day comes, you will be filled with ease and confidence knowing your hairstyle is exactly how you want it! I personally recommend you have your first hair trial at least 6 months in advance of your wedding day. This provides plenty of time for us to work around your wedding dress, chosen accessories, and plans for the day, and make sure we get it 100% right. A few weeks before your wedding, I’ll ask you to come in again for a complimentary second hair trial so we can run through the style again and see if you want to make any changes.

3. Make sure you ask the right questions

Your hair trial is your opportunity to get all the information you need out of your hair stylist, and that means asking the right questions. In my hair trials, I will always give you this information and ask you the right questions to ensure that there are no miscommunications or big last-minute changes. However, here are three questions that are essential to ask any bridal hairstylist:

What will work with my chosen dress?

The neckline, fabric, and cut of your dress will make a big difference to what styles are most flattering. Make sure you bring photographs of your dress to your trial so that your stylist can take it into account.

Can I incorporate my heirloom accessory?

Just like your dress, your hair accessory and/or veil will change what is possible for your hair. If you have an heirloom accessory that you have your heart set on, bring it with you (or photographs at a minimum).

Can you style my entire bridal party?

At Bridal Hair in Hampshire, I have a dedicated team of professional stylists who can help me with larger groups on the day. However, different stylists will cater for different group sizes, and will all have their maximum numbers. So, if you’re planning on having a bridal party of 5, 10, 15, or maybe more, make sure you ask them if they can cater for that many people before you book in for a trial. Your stylist may also suggest that at least one of your bridesmaids book in for their own trial too, so you can get ideas together for everyone.

4. Keep an open mind

I know from experience that sometimes a bride-to-be will have her heart set on a style. I will always do my best to achieve the hairstyle that you desire, but part of the joy and fun of a hair trial is you get to experiment with different styles and there may be a style that will look even better that you hadn’t even thought of! So do keep an open mind during your hair trial!

5. Do try to keep the same hairstyle after the first trial

I advise that if you are wanting to change your hair and add a fringe, add layers or take more than an inch off of your hair, that you do this before your first hair trial. This helps make the process as smooth as possible between hair trials and your wedding day so that we can keep your chosen dream bridal hairstyle.

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Follow these 5 points, and you can rest a sure that your bridal hairstyling will be everything you hoped it would be and more! It’s an opportunity not only for you to look and feel beautiful on the most special day of your life, but also for you to be pampered and feel relaxed before the celebrations begin.

For more information on booking your first hair trial, head over to this blog post!

Or, to start the conversation going, book a call into my diary.

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