25 July 2023

To Veil or Not to Veil: Styling Options for a Luxury Bridal Hairstyle.

When choosing your bridal hairstyle, deciding whether to wear a veil remains one of the most common style dilemmas brides experience. The decision to incorporate a veil, or not, is a truly personal choice and one that effects not only how you will wear your hair, but your overall bridal look too. As a South West England based bridal hairstylist, I fully appreciate the importance of creating a harmonious and captivating hairstyle that reflects your vision. In this blog post, we will explore the considerations surrounding veils. Including wedding themes, hairstyle compatibility, placement, comb size and how a veil can either accentuate or distract from your chosen hairstyle and overall look.

Wedding themes

The theme, or vibe, of your wedding has a significant role in determining whether a veil will enhance or compete with your ‘bridal look’. A cathedral-length veil with intricate lace detailing can create a breathtaking and romantic feel, perfect for a luxury fairytale wedding. A vintage-inspired wedding may call for a birdcage veil or a Juliet cap to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Alternatively, for a modern and minimalist approach, a simple sheer fingertip veil can affect a touch of sophistication without overpowering the hairstyle. Consider your wedding theme and the atmosphere you wish to create to ensure the veil aligns seamlessly with the overall aesthetic, all of which will be considered and reflected in your bridal hairstyle. We work together through our hair trials to find the right hairstyle to reflect your individual personality and wedding theme, while ensuring elegance, professionalism, and confidence.

Bridal Hairstyle Compatibility

Not all hairstyles are created equally when it comes to veils! Some hairstyles naturally lend themselves to suiting a veil, while others require careful consideration and an expert hand. ‘Updos’, whether classic or modern, often work well and they provide a secure base for attachment. Half-up, half-downs hairstyles can be complemented by a delicate veil that falls gracefully over the hair and down the back. While loose waves, or bohemian-inspired hairstyles, can be beautifully adorned with a smaller ethereal veil creating an effortless romantic feel. With your bridal hairstylist, discuss the compatibility of a veil, considering the structure, positioning, volume, and texture of how you have chosen to wear your hair.

Placement and Comb Size

The placement of a veil is crucial when determining the impact it will have on both your hairstyle and your overall look. Choosing the right hairstyle for the right veil is a delicate balance requiring a little finesse to elegantly compliment your dress and face shape.  A veil can be positioned in various ways and before settling on any one combination of veil and hairstyle, it is advisable to discuss placement options that will complement and enhance the feel you’re trying to elicit.

Additionally, the size of the comb plays a vital role in achieving balance and stability. Large combs can provide volume and a sense of fullness, creating a dramatic affect in combination with your dress and hair; whilst smaller combs can sit delicately against intricate hairstyles ensuring the twists and turns of the style can still be seen from under the veil. To successfully wear a veil, it is essential to strike a balance between the veil’s placement and the hairstyle, ensuring they flatter one another.

Accentuating or Distracting from the Bridal Hairstyle

When deciding whether to wear a veil it is crucial to consider how it might accentuate or distract from your chosen hairstyle. A veil can be a beautiful addition and when worn well and placed correctly it can perfectly frame your face, create a sense of tradition, and add drama, elegance or romance to your look. However, in some case, a heavily embellished or voluminous veil may overpower the hairstyle or hide intricate details.

If you and stylist have incorporated braids, elaborate curls or a statement accessory opting for a subtle and equally delicate veil will more likely complement rather than compete with the hairstyle. Or you may decide that the intricacy and style of your hairstyle is better suited to no veil rather than adorning a veil that hides the beautiful hairstyle you’ve chosen. Your bridal hairstylist can guide you in the decision and in selecting a veil that enhances your hair, face and overall bridal look by ensuring that all elements work harmoniously together.

In conclusion

Choosing whether to wear a veil is a personal decision and one that should be based on careful consideration. The vibe of your wedding, the bridal look you hope to create, the appropriate placement and comb size are all vital factors to take into account before deciding if a veil will accentuate or distract from your overall look and vision. As a South West England based professional hairstylist, I have the experience to guide you through the pitfalls of whether a veil is going to accentuate your look, and in selecting the right veil for the right hairstyle to bring your bridal vision to life leaving you feeling radiant and confident on your wedding day.

To begin to discuss your hairstyle ideas, either with or without a veil, book a consultation.