A bride and groom on their wedding day are dancing outside.


22 February 2023

Top tips to avoid wedding planning overwhelm so you can enjoy the process!

So, you’ve just got engaged! Now the fun begins, but the big question is always “ Where do I start!?”

You may have super helpful family and friends that can help and advise on previous experiences of their own, but this can sometimes feel overwhelming and maybe a little scary (especially if things didn’t quite go to plan for them!).

Fear not, here is a guide to help you get started in the right way and avoid being a rabbit in headlights because, afterall, this is a joyous time and a time to relish in the fun and excitement of planning your big day.

The early bird catches the worm – or so to speak. The longer period of time you have to plan, the less stress and panic you are potentially going to feel. By planning way ahead of time, you are more likely to be able to book the venue of your dreams, find the dream dress, book the best photographer, make up artist, bridal hair stylist and not forgetting the wedding cake maker too! So, try not to leave it too late. Wedding venues and all that goes with your big day get booked up waaaayyyyy in advance!

Know your budget – It is key to make sure you and your partner have sat down together and agreed a budget in advance. If this isn’t decided in advance of the big day, it can be very easy to lose track and spend a lot more than you planned, leaving you stressed and potentially unable to truly enjoy your big day! So, get as organised as you can whether it’s spreadsheets, setting up a bank account purely for the budget, or a good old-fashioned note book… just make sure you know your numbers!

Ask for help – Make sure you ask your family and friends for help, not only will it help you, but they will love being part of your big day. Plus, you may be able to save on your budget by using recommendations and possibly family members to help with certain aspects of the day. Meaning you can either set that aside for the honeymoon or spend a little more on those fireworks you had your eye on!

Guest Number crunching – Another aspect of the wedding that can always get a tad stressful is deciding on who to invite based on the amount of guests you have budgeted for! You need to remember it is you and your partner’s day, so consider; who do you really want to be part of your celebration? This is especially important if you are restricted on numbers due to venue size. Of course, you don’t want to upset anyone but make sure you are surrounded with the people you want.

Getting Pinning! – Scrapbooks, mood boards or social platforms like Pinterest are a great way to start getting your ideas out of your head! Make sure you do this before you run to shops with your credit card. So, set some time aside with your partner, with no distractions and really think about how you want your wedding to look and feel. Will be traditional or super quirky? It’s your day, so call the shots and there is so much inspiration out there that this should be a really fun activity!

Get Protected – Insurance is never an exciting part of any grown-up chore, but when it comes to your wedding, it is a really good idea to get wedding insurance. There are so many choices out there, so shop around. Although not nice to think about anything going wrong, it is always best to be safe in the knowledge that you have some insurance if things need to be changed.

Make it Legal – This is a must! Make sure your marriage licence is on your to-do list, as you absolutely want to make sure you are legally married!

You need to apply for a wedding licence whether you are getting married in the UK or abroad. Do bear in mind that if getting married abroad then the process may be more complex and a few more boxes to tick.

Depending on the type of wedding service you are going to have there are certain legal requirements and some fees to pay. You can find out from your local register office about what documents and information you need to provide in more detail.

Your Wedding Gang – This can sometimes be a tricky one and always a worry you’ll upset someone by not asking them to be part of your big day. But once decided, they can be a great support throughout the journey and help with some of the to-do list! So, pick wisely and select the people you rely on and you love to be around. The right people will be invested in helping to make your big day as special for you as possible!

So, take your time, it is your day, and you can have it how you best see fit.

To finish up, it is good to know that the average wedding takes around 13 months to plan. So, giving yourself plenty of time is KEY and ask for help and advice. Your family and friends may surprise you with what resources and people they know!

Most importantly……enjoy the process and make it your own! 

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