Covid-19 updates to wedding plans blog post


24 June 2020

Update: Proceed, Panic, or Postpone..?

I have already outlined how I plan to keep you safe after my studio and business reopens in July, but I realise that’s likely to only be a small proportion of your wedding worries. I can’t imagine how many disappointed couples there are out there at the moment, torn between proceeding on a smaller scale or choosing to postpone, but my heart goes out to every single one. This year was set to be such an important milestone in the story of your lives together, but in one fell swoop, everything has been cast into disarray.

So, what have you chosen to do? 


Arranged a smaller ceremony?


If your wedding was originally planned for June or July, this may be a time of concern, worry, and sadness, depending on whether you stuck by your original date or how much of your big day you were able to postpone, change, or cancel.

Many of you may have chosen to go ahead with a smaller ceremony, with a view to having a larger celebration when everything more clearly resembles normality. In which case, I wish you the best, and I hope your intimate day is made all the more special by the exclusivity of it!


Fingers crossed?


If your wedding day was booked in for August or September, this might be a time of greater uncertainty. As businesses begin to reopen you might be questioning your decision to postpone your wedding; the best advice I can give you is not to question it. The decision has been made, and you have time now to rejig your plans and take some time out.

If you haven’t yet chosen to postpone, you might be wondering if you need to, or if just whittling down your guest list is enough. To you, I would advise having a concrete, workable back-up plan, in case your optimism is misplaced. Make sure you are in constant conversation with your suppliers, so that the second one of them cancels, you are in a position to react.


Or have you delayed?


Strangely, the least stressful option may well be to postpone. Push everything back until the winter or early 2021 and you can feel more reassured that you’ll be able to celebrate as you originally planned (albeit with slightly chillier weather…). To help you, I have compiled two lists of my best suggestions for throwing yourself into the cosiness, the warm colours, and the fairytale magic of a winter wedding!

Postponement is a common story amongst brides-to-be at the moment, but it’s important to remember that it is, overall, a positive thing. It may help to think of it as a direct choice between two things. Though postponing may mean you have to sacrifice the sunny outdoor wedding you’d set your heart on, you will gain a day filled with your loved ones, with good food, with flowers, with a gorgeous wedding cake, and, of course, the wedding hair of your dreams!


Stay positive!


Whatever you decide, or have decided, to do, it must feel right for you. All three options have their merits. It is all about working out what is most important to you and prioritising that. Too little is known about what the situation will be like in a few months’ time to say anything for certain or make any fast recommendations. The most important thing is to stay informed and try not to panic. Stay mindful of the reason you chose to get married in the first place, whether it is on paper and marked with a big ceremony and celebration in 2020 or not.


Photography by Robin Goodlad Photography.

I would love to hear your thought processes at the moment! What have you chosen to do, and why? What changes have you had to make to your plans, and do you feel positive or anxious? Leave a comment below!

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