13 September 2021

Weddings With a Travel Theme

Love to Travel? Here’s how to incorporate the whole world into your wedding at home.

Do you get itchy feet if you go too long without an adventure overseas? Do you and your fiancé share a bucket list? Is it packed with dreams of tropical beaches, historic cities, and colourful rainforests? Or perhaps you’ve already begun to travel to far-away places and it’s become one of the defining features of your relationship? Either way, if travel is something you both love, incorporating it into your wedding day can be seriously romantic. And, it’ll make your day especially memorable, even for your guests!

Globes and Maps

The most traditional symbol for travel and exploration is the globe. I’m sure we’ve all been perusing an antiques shop (or even TK Maxx!) and seen a stunning globe, complete with faded colours and golden stand. For your wedding day, get your hands on a mix of different ones and use them to write personal messages to your guests and stand them in the middle of tables alongside your centrepiece. Or use them to guide your guests towards their tables or the dancefloor, with the message ‘where in the world…’ Second to the globe itself are maps. Vintage maps, pocket maps, ordnance survey maps; there are plenty of different kinds to use, either mounted as a table plan or even as table coverings.

Photography by Christine Roy

Postcards for Place Settings

What better way to direct your guests to their place at your wedding breakfast than with a postcard displaying their name? Vintage postcards can be tracked down quite easily on sites like eBay; or, simply pull together a collection from your favourite places to visit as a couple. This is also the perfect opportunity to add a personalised message to every guest on the back!

Photography by Becky Phan

Wall of Travel Photographs

If travel is a big part of your relationship, then many of your most treasured memories likely didn’t happen at home. Your wedding day is a celebration of all of those amazing times and shared experiences that have brought you to where you are now, so incorporating them into the design of your day feels very important. Why not put together a wall of photographs of all the far-flung places you have travelled to together?

Photography by Mick Haupt

‘Honeymoon’ Fund

Wedding gift wish lists are slowly becoming less and less popular. For those kitting out a brand new family home, it’s the perfect way to ensure you receive gifts you actually really need. But, for those who already have their forever home, it might seem a bit unnecessary. So, instead, I propose that it’s replaced with a ‘honeymoon’ or travel fund. Guests can instead donate what they would usually spend on a wedding gift, to a fund that will help you get to where you want to be (geographically). It’s a win-win, really; you get the honeymoon of your dreams, and your guests don’t have to agonise over what would make the perfect gift!

Photography by Thomas Curryer

Dancing Flip-Flops

Once everyone’s eaten and drunk and chatted to their hearts’ content, the next thing on every wedding guest’s mind is the music and the dancing. For those wearing heels, the prospect of dancing might not be too appealing. So why not provide a handy box of flip-flops, so everyone can slip into something more comfortable? Plus, the flip-flops keep us right on the travel theme too.

Guy Collier Photography

Everyone’s interpretation of the travel theme will inevitably be different. Each couple will have different memories and different visions that they want to capture which is why I would love to hear your travel-themed ideas. Leave a comment below and I’ll add your suggestions to this post!

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