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3 July 2020

What Exactly Happens at a Bridal Hair Trial?

In a nutshell… fun, wedding chat, and pampering!

I am often contacted by brides who are very nervous about booking in their bridal hair trial. They don’t know what they want, or are worried that the condition of their hair will not allow them to have their favourite style.

Your hair trial is an opportunity to go through any concerns you might have and try out a few different styles. Most trials happen at my studio, though I am prepared to travel if you would like your trial to happen closer to your venue.

My first role as a bridal hair stylist is to reassure you. I will always be able to find a style that you love and that works for you!


Important things to remember…

  • Your bridal hair trial lasts up to 2hrs
  • Make sure your hair is clean, dry, and free from products
    • Washing the night before is best!
  • Make sure you bring the following with you:
    • Inspirational images
    • Photographs of your dress
    • Hair accessories for the day, including veil
    • Wedding venue and date details
    • Images or a sample of your flowers



  1. On arrival, brides-to-be have always been welcomed with refreshments in the past. With the new Covid-19 guidelines, I won’t be able to offer you this any longer. Instead, my first priority will be guaranteeing your safety, offering you PPE and hand sanitiser.
  2. We then begin an informal consultation, covering your desired wedding theme. I will ask you to explain to me your wedding dress, veil, jewellery, shoes, hair accessories, and overarching style, with pictures wherever possible. If no images are available, I do have hair accessory samples, that will hopefully resemble your chosen pieces, which can be used for the purposes of a trial.  For inspiration, why not check out our Pinterest boards or my portfolio!
  3. Once I have a clear understanding of your vision, I will create a number of different styles to complement this, always taking into account your hair length and its movement. We will go through a range of different techniques and tools until you’re happy with the final result. I encourage you to be as honest as possible at this stage, to rule out anything that you know you do not want, so I can focus in on the features you do.
  4. At the end of your bridal hair trial, a number of styles will have been created and a favourite might even have been chosen!


Don’t worry…

I will provide you with photographs, so you can remember the styles we tried, and will keep versions for my own reference on the day. If plans change between your hair trial and the wedding day itself, you are welcome to come back into the studio for a second complimentary trial. We can then rework your ideas, accessories, and theme.


Bridesmaids and mums…

It’s not always necessary for your bridesmaids or mum to have a trial, depending on what style they are hoping for. If a hair trial for them is not possible, simply provide me with a picture of their hair as it usually is and a description or image of the style they require. From this, I will be able to make a plan and a schedule. I would usually recommend that at least one bridesmaid does come in for a hair trial, so we can easily discuss the options.


My main message, if you are thinking of booking in your hair trial with me, is to relax!

Trust in the process. Embrace your ideas. Love your bridal hair.


Any questions at all about any part of the process – please book in a call with me, or send me an email!