9 February 2021

When should I book my bridal hair trial?

Knowing when is the right time to book your first bridal hair trial is a lot simpler than many may think.

The short answer is when it feels right.

The long answer might be when you’ve secured your date, your dress, and your venue.

The most important thing when booking your bridal hair trial is that you feel ready to start discussing your bridal style with your hair specialist and your make-up artist (I am happy to recommend reputable local make-up artists that I have worked with before).

Butterflies and nerves

It’s possible that your bridal hairstyle is one of the biggest sources of those wedding planning butterflies, either because you’re excited about the glitz and glamour, or because you’re nervous about finding the right style. If this is true, you might feel the urge to book further in advance that someone who feels more relaxed about their bridal hair.

Allow for changes

One thing that cannot be denied, however, is that the further in advance of your wedding date that you enquire, the more likely it is that your date will be available. It will also give you (and me!) more time to make any final changes after the initial consultation.

Have a second bridal hair trial 

The first of your hair trials is our opportunity to chat through your ideas and try out a few different ideas. Once a style has been chosen – for example, a chignon bun – your additional trials will be adjusting the final details to accommodate your chosen accessories, the neckline of your dress, and any changes of heart you might have had with each individual tress.

The flexibility the you are afforded when you opt for a luxury tier bridal hair specialist means that when I say ‘unlimited’ wedding hair trials are included, I really do mean it. As soon as you confirm me for your big day, I am dedicated to perfecting your bridal style, whether it takes just two hair trials or three or four (I am proud to say it has never taken more than three trials to find the perfect style!).

Regardless of how happy you feel at the end of your first hair trial, I will always encourage you to come back in for your second, complimentary, trial a few weeks before your wedding day. Plans can change in the space of six months, and it’s essential that we prepare for that before the big day itself.

In a nutshell:

– Contact me as soon as you can once the big details are in place

– Arrange your first bridal hair trial so we can talk through your plans and inspiration boards

– Then, book a second trial a few weeks before the wedding, so we have time to make adjustments in plenty of time

To start getting inspired, view the gallery below, or head over to my portfolio. Or, to find out more about what you can expect from a bridal hair trial, check out this other post!

Still got a few burning questions? Ready to start planning your dream bridal hairstyle? Get in touch either by booking a call or sending me an email.

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