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13 August 2020

Writing Unique Wedding Vows

Recently, many brides-to-be have been re-imagining their wedding days. Your date may have changed, your guest list, your venue, or the scale. So, it follows that you might want to rework your wedding vows too.

Religious ceremony venues sometimes require you to use a certain set of vows or a certain set of phrases. But, if your venue has changed due to coronavirus, this might be the opportunity for you to revisit what you’ve written, get creative, and add a few more personal touches.

Perhaps you’ve now opted for a smaller, more intimate celebration with only your closest family and friends, and plan to have a larger party next year. Or perhaps you’re focusing even smaller than that, with an idyllic exchange of promises just between the two of you.

However you’ve adapted, your wedding vows sit at the heart of your big day, so getting them right is paramount.

If you recognise yourself in one of the descriptions above, you are probably here looking for inspiration for your alternative wedding vows. You’ve come to the right place. Use the points below as prompts to get you thinking…


What are you most looking forward to about married life?
Is it simply being able to call your partner your ‘husband’ or ‘wife’? Is it the renewed feeling of unity? The memories of the promises you are making to each other?

You have chosen your partner as your soulmate for a whole host of reasons; but, what was it that attracted you to them first?
Their sense of humour? Their good looks? Their kindness? Or perhaps it was something that you witnessed them doing. Write a list and see what feels right.

What promises are important to you?
If you could ask your partner to make one promise to you, what would it be? Chances are, making this promise to them would be just as meaningful.

Many couples will have a book, a song, or a film that has meant something to them along the way.
Are there any lines or ideas that jump out at you as being especially relevant? Wrack your brains for memories of those moments when a particular story or lyric has really moved you.

Consider injecting some humour.
Laughter might add a bit of light-relief to your earnest vows, so check out this list of fun ideas from hitched.co.uk

And finally… after your wedding day, what changes between you and your partner?
Which elements of your relationship might feel stronger?

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If you have any prompts to add to the list, leave a comment below!