10 October 2020

Zoom Consultations

Zoom Consultations vs. Telephone Consultations

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Zoom is a phenomenon that took the locked-down world by storm earlier this year, and it seems that it may be here to stay. It helped us stay in touch with the loved ones we couldn’t meet, and helped us keep in-the-loop with our colleagues at work.

For us in the wedding industry, zoom consultations are a real blessing.

You may have noticed, if you’ve tried to book a call with me directly through my website, that you can choose between a Telephone Consultation and a Video Consultation. Many people will opt for the Telephone initially; it feels like less of a commitment, and might seem less formal… But this is not the case. Your initial consultation is always a casual first point-of-contact in which we are able to start understanding whether my services are a good fit for you.

Imagine enquiring with several bridal hair specialists but only ever getting as far as hearing their voice on the phone. It’s not as personable, and you’re not likely to feel that you know them very well before you arrange a hair trial in the future.

But, as soon as you can see their face on the screen, the benefits of booking a video chat instantly become clear…


1. Smile

It makes such a big difference. It puts everyone at ease, and suddenly you’re not explaining your wedding plans to a disembodied voice, you’re talking to a human being with ideas, expertise, and a sense of humour.


2. I can see your hair!

This might seem a strange one, but being able to see your hair means that I can get the ball rolling a little bit quicker in my mind. Instantly, I can see whether your hair is curly or straight, short or long, and whether you feel most comfortable wearing it up or down. All valuable insights for beginning to think about bridal styles.


3. You can SHOW me what’s caught your eye

Rather than trying to explain a particular hairstyle you saved on Pinterest and emailing me a photo of it later, you can simply show it to me on Zoom, either by holding a picture up for me to see, sending me a link, or sharing your screen. So, if there’s a style you’ve got your heart set on, and you want to quickly know if I can create it for you, book a Zoom call!

If this post has convinced you that a Zoom call could answer a lot of your burning Bridal Hair in Hampshire questions, book a call with me today! I’d love to chat to you about your wedding plans, and in the run-up to booking your first hair trial, there is no better way.


Click here to book your call straight into my diary.

For inspiration, take a look at my portfolio – you may find that dream bridal style that you want me to recreate!



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